NIBMG Jobs Recruitment 2020 Various Posts -
NIBMG Jobs Recruitment 2020 Various Posts
Posted 29 Jul 2020 02:49 PM

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Today, medicine is largely reactive. A medical practitioner treats the illness of a person, with varying levels of success. With the rise of genomics and the accumulation of large amounts of data on various diseases, a new systems-based approach to medicine has emerged. Clinical practitioners and researchers are increasingly realizing that our bodies do not work as a set of independent components, but rather as an interacting system, with genes, proteins, cells and organs interacting with each other and the environment in complex ways. The understanding of this system will result in a transcendental change in medical practice; from reactive medicine, based on disease, to a predictive and preventive one centered on health. However, to effect this transition, complementary multi-domain expertise and experience are necessary. In conformity with the national priority of stimulating investment in biotechnology, a Biocluster has been created. The biocluster is a platform both intellectual and logistical for generating required biological and medical evidence to accelerate systems medicine. The cluster comprises six institutions:

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Technical Specialist, Manager & Other

Qualification: B.Tech/ M.Tech, M.Sc, Ph.D

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