Chinese company to invade US EV space with cheapest electric cars -
Chinese company to invade US EV space with cheapest electric cars
Posted 04 Aug 2020 10:56 AM

Source : Hindustan Times

Chinese electric car maker Kandi recently announced plans of entering the EV space in the United States and the move could be quite disruptive because of the company's claim to offer extremely affordable products that could further benefit from the incentives that EVs enjoy in America.

The first two models from Kandi in the US would be K27 and K23. It is reported that the K27 could cost around $20,499 but after federal tax credit in the US, it could have a tag of as less as $12,999 (approximately ?9.75 lakh). The EV claims to have a range of 100 miles (160 kilometres) thanks to a 17.69 kWh battery pack and may well slot itself as the cheapest EV on US roads.

K23 is a slightly more capable and bigger version of K27 and gets 41.4 kWh battery pack which claims to give it a range of 180 miles (290 kilometres). While it has a starting price of around $30,000, incentives could bring it down to about $20,000 (approximately $15,000).

Both the vehicles are clearly no Tesla - either in terms of performance or looks.

That said, there is a chance the EVs find many takers owing to its price tag and as daily city-suburb commute capabilities.

There are certain quality and safety issues but most analysts agree that Chinese EV makers have the capabilities and intent of flooding US markets with their offerings while mostly banking on low selling price to act as a catalyst.

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