Do you know the correct way to practice the Downward Dog Pose? Ensure you do not make these mistakes -
Do you know the correct way to practice the Downward Dog Pose? Ensure you do not make these mistakes
Posted 11 Sep 2020 01:24 PM


Do you know the correct way to practice the Downward Dog Pose? Ensure you do not make these mistakes

New Delhi, 11-Sep-2020

Yoga is regarded as one of the best exercise routines for overall health, that boosts both physical and mental health. Not just in India, yoga has now gained popularity and become the most favourite exercise routine for many people, so much so that they practice yoga every day, and encourage others to do the same. One cannot deny the many health benefits of the exercise � from a calm mind to a healthy body. However, yoga is a slightly complex exercise, and if not done the correct way, will not only not yield the benefits, but may also lead to injuries or health issues. One of the most common Yoga asanas that are practiced by people of all age groups and gender is the Downward Dog Pose. Known to help with flexibility, weight loss, menstrual issues, and back problems, it has the following health benefits.

Health benefits of the Downward Dog Pose
It stretches the muscles and helps improve flexibility
Energises the body
Calms the mind, is good for mental health and relieving stress
Reduces menopausal symptoms
Is good for the heart
Strengthens the back, arms and legs
The Adho mukha svanasana is not a difficult pose, but you may end up making the following mistakes as you practice it.

Mistakes you can make while practising the Downward Dog Pose
1. Doing the asana on a full stomach: Very few Yoga asanas can or should be practiced on a full stomach, and the downward-facing dog is not one of them. You can experience restlessness and digestion issues if you practice the asana on a full stomach, after eating a meal. The asana should be performed either in the morning on an empty stomach or after 3-4 hours of having the last meal.
2. Get the alignment right: A lot of people think they are doing the asana right, but the alignment of their body is off. This can be seen when a person sees them perform the asana, or they can see themselves in the mirror. It is important to ensure that the body is in the correct posture, as the wrong alignment can strain some muscles and cause injury or pain.
3. The distance between your hands, feet: One factor that many people do not pay attention to while practising the pose is the distance between their hands, and feet, respectively. This can change the stance and alignment, and you may end up doing the pose completely wrong.
4. Engaging the wrong muscles: When you are performing the downward dog pose, you need to engage your spine, core, and muscles in your arm to attain the position and hold it, and to maintain the balance. A little engagement of your calf muscles is also required in order to lift the legs. However, very often, while performing a pose, we forget the muscles that need to be engaged, which plays a major role in the benefits of the pose eventually.

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