From 1983 to 1989, details of all the happenings in Kashmir -
From 1983 to 1989, details of all the happenings in Kashmir
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In 1983
January 28. Nearly 400,000 displaced persons from occupied Kashmir have decided to launch an agitation from February 26, the budget session of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.
February 1. Occupied Kashmir's chief Brig.Mohammad Hayat Khan replaced by Maj. Gen Abdur Rahman.
February 2. National Conference and Congress-I Alliance for the forth comming elections of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.
February 18. Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah asserted that under no circumstances would the valley lean towards Pakistan.
February 25. 37 Members of Panthers Party including its President Bhim Singh was arrested as precaution, in view of the Budget session of the Assembly.
February 26. Jammu and Kashmir session opens a mid walkout over Governor's refusal to give assent to the resettlement Bill.
March 1. Farooq Abdullah said that Government had no intention to curb any parties activites.
March 10. Army and BSF have been called out to quell violence, 14 persons injured.
March 11. 71 people injured in violence even though curfew lifted in Rajouri town.
March 12. Clashing mobs charged at Rajouri.
March 29. 16 hurt in clash between members of two communities.
March 30. Dr. Farooq Abdullah plans National convention of like minded leaders of Political Parties to discuss major economic and Political problems.
April 21. Congress I and National conference Alliance broken in the state.
May 1. Abdullah men sore over party list. Cracks in major parties in valley.
May 10. CPI(M) and Jamait workers clash in Anantnag.
May 19. 3 central observers have been appointed for the General elections in Jammu and Kashmir.
May 20. People's conference has promised to struggle for autonomy of the state.
May 23. 20 hurt in Jammu and Kashmir fight between. People's Conference and National Conference.
May 26. Over 300 hurt in Kashmir clashes between. youth National Conference and Cong-I.
May 30. Awami alliances may lost Dr. Abdullab dearly in Jammu.
May 31. Dr. Abdullah declared that the resettlement bill will not be implemented.
June 1. Balraj wants state hood for Jammu and Kashmir regions.
June 2. National conference will dominent the Jammu and Kashmir elections. Congress-I men attacked in Kashmir.
June 10. Mir Qasim may join National Conference.
June 11. Delhi Imams expressed their sense of shock over violence and lawlessness Unlashed by National Conference workers in Jammu and Kashmir. Dr. Farooq Abdullah told that Congress-I was making all possible moves to destabilize and disintegrate Jammu and Kashmir to install its own Government in the State.
June 12. After sweaning in ceremony of Dr. Abdullah as Chief Minister, river procession was organised.
June 14. Congress-I working President Kamla Pati Tripathi reiterated his charge that National Conference had under mind the peoples confidence in the sanctity of the electoral process by preventing free and fair elections. Curfew in some Srinagar areas, 700 people injured when National conference workers clashed with Congress-I workers.
June 15. Shoot at sight orders issued, any one defying curfew orders.
- 35 Injured in fresh clashes in Srinagar.
- Central Government asked Kashmir Government to curb violence.
June 16. Curfew relaxed in Srinagar area.

- 100 more people held in Jammu and Kashmir in connection with the violence in Srinagar.
- Mr. G.M. Shah has a talks with Ashraf Khan and G.N. Kochak.
June 17. Normalacy returning in Srinagar Areas.
- Tension prevails in Zadibal curfew bound Area. However 44 more miscreants were held in connexion with violence.
- Haval and Zadibal Area returning back to Normal.
- 150 held for Srinagar riots.
June 18. Curfew relaxed in Srinagar.

- Pak hand in Jammu and Kashmir violence, this was indicated by Azad Kashmir Radio.
- Moderate polling in Badgam.
- Day curfew lifted in Zadibal Area.
June 19. I Person killed in clashes between members of two communities at Malerkotia region. Curfew impossed. Attitude of Police in curfew Bound Area, condemned, reports says that Police watches as houses burnt.
June 20. Congress-I call for Jammu Bandh was responded Partially. Jammu and Kashmir Government flouting Governor's orders reported by B.K. Nehru Governor to delegation of Congress-I.
June 21. 157 Arrested in Zadibal Riots.
June 22. Jammu and Kashmir Shias seek centre's Protection.
June 29. Dr. Farooq Abdullah Accuses Press of distorting events.
July 3. Rigging, Violenci to figure in next Assembly session of Jammu and Kashmir House.
July 9. Utterances by Mirwaiz "Pose serious threat" said by Bhandare, Congress-I leader in a memorendum to Governor asking for to stop Anti national Activities by Farooq Abdullah.
July 14. Jammu and Kashmir Minister Mohiuddin Shah to face an enquiry for the charges of appointment of his daughter in the Pahalgam tourist centre and using the car in daily up and down.
July 17. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said today that there is not any dispute between central Govt. and his Govt.
July 20. Congress-I leaders Alleged that political victimization of its opponents had been started by the ruling party.
July 23. Congress-I leader in Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Mr. Ansari urged Governor to suspend Assembly, there was a complete constitutional break down.
August 1. No confidence move against Farooq Government rejected.
August 3. Jammu and Kashmir Government has urged 8th Finance Commission to treat J. & K on a far with North Eastern states in respect of loans and Grants.
August 2. Press council of India will hold a Suo-Moto inquiry whether the reporting of the Jammu and Kashmir Elections was willfully destored and political motivated.
August 6. Chief Minister Mr. Farooq Abdullah has asserted in an interview to an Islamic Magazine that State's Accession to India is final.
August 8. Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah declared that his Govt. has no confrontation with central Government.
August 13. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that Asserting Kashmir's identity was not a fissiparous tendency, but an expression of feelings. We are Kashmiris as Bengalis, Assamese and Kashmir is a integral part of India.
August 15. Six persons and four Jawans injured when a bomb exploded in Srinagar Stadium when Dr. Farooq Abdullah was taking salute at the Independent day celeberations.
- Janata leader Syed Sahabuddin pleaded for decentralisation of power, in Jammu and Kashmir.
- Two old Political rivals Mr. D.D. Thakur and G.M. Shah embrassed each other at a social function here.
August 19. Dr. Earooq Abdullah told that all most 99 per cent of the people of this state would' oppose the idea of a plebiscite to decide their fate.
August 20. Three saboteures held in Srinagar.
August 22. Dr. Farooq Abdullah had two rounds of disussions with G. Parthasarthy.
August 26. Dr. Farooq Abdullah has cautioned the people of the state against the new conspiracy of Congress-I to repeat 1953, when his father Shaikh Abdullah was Arrested.
- Jammu and Kashmir not to allow closer of Hindustan cocoa Products Ltd.
August 27. Shah and D.D. Thakur might lead to new political alignment in Kashmir.
August 28. Farooq Abdullah alleges that certain elements in and out side the state were trying to topple his Govt.
August 30. Editors Guild of India suggested to Press Council of India focus its enquiry in to Press coverage of the recent elections in Kashmir. Bomb bast in Srinagar Office House.
September 1. G.M. Shah loses the support of Begum of Shaikh Abdullah.
September 3. Bid to woo National Conference MLA's
- G.M. Shah questioned the Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah to expel Mr. D.D. Thakur from the Primary membership of National Conference.
- Showdown between shah and Farooq Abdullah likely.
September 4. Qusim member of Congress-I Parliamentary board to meet before resignation from the Primary membership of Congress-I. Cracks in a National conference.
September 5. People's league leader held.
September 6. Dr. Farooq Abdullah to take Mr. Marboo in Cabinet of Jammu and Kashmir.
September 7. Dr. Farooq Abdullah Said that Central Govt. wants to install puppet Government in the State.
September 8. Farooq Abdullah criticises National Confere- nce rebels and accuses centre of toppling bid.
September 9. Dr. Frooq Abdullah warns his detractors that they would be expelled from the Party if they did not mend their ways.
September 12. Awami National conference merged with Cong. (1).
September 11. D.D. Thakur to file legal case against Dr. Farooq Abdullah.
September 12. Abdullah's plea for Anti defection law.
September 13. Syed Mir Qusim had consulted Dr. Farooq Abdullah before his resignation from Congress-I.
September 15. Qusim had misled P.M. on Kashmir accord.
September 16. Violence rocks Kashmir towns 50 people injured. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed demanded Judicial probe. 81 Injured in Kashmir clashes with police.
September 18. Dr. Farooq Abdullah sees bid to topple his Government.
September 24. Village Ichchigam hamlet in Badgem district continues to tense.
October 1. Jammu and Kashmir really being denied its Quota of food grain by Centre, J.K. Food and supplies Minister Bodh Raj Bali his threatened to observe a day last.
October 2. National conference leaders go on fast in protest against descriminatory of the centre in the matter of Food Grain supply.
October 3. Qasim for merger of Front Parties.
- Mir Qusim who quit the Congress-I last month accuses centre of ignoring Kashmir.
- United Front will meet in Srinagar on Oct. 7-8, to decide whether to form a single pa to work with unity on one Programme.
October 5. G.M. Shah refused alligations that he was trying to topple Dr. Abdullah's Govenment.
October 6. Opposition conclaven the second day of its deliberations have today witnessed of sharp differences between Regional and National party on the question of limiting the powers of the Union Government
October 15. P.M. Mrs Indira Gandhi expressed deep concern over violence in Srinagar.
October 16. Congress-I leaders urged Governor B.K. Nehru to use his powers to improve the situation in J.K.
October 17. B.J.P. has called Jammu bandh on Oct.l9, 1983 in protest against hooliganism by anti- national elements.
October 18. Supreme court stayed exparte the recovery of intrest by Jammu and Kashmir Government from dealers under the Jammu and Kashmir General Sales tax Act.
October 19. 30 hurt in violence during Jammu Bandh.
- bandh, observed in Jammu.
- 50 injured in mob-police clashes.
- over 100 held in J. & K. swoop on anti Nationals.
October 20. Bomb found near Tawi Bridge. Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah has said that people of Kashmir shall frustrate the attempt of centre to topple his Govt.
October 25. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah is likely to discuss the political situation in the state with the Prime Minister.
November 2. Dr. Farooq Abdullah reiterated that Kashmir was an integreted Part of India and would always remain so.
November 3. Jammu and Kashmir Police have sealed the border of Kathua with Punjab to entry of extermists, from neighbouring state.
November 6. Dr. Farooq Abdullah warned Congress-I leaders and said that he will not hesitate to (Contd.) order their arrests, if law and order situtation so demanded.

- 300 held in Jammu on bandh eve. Congress-I man held on eve of Jammu bandh.
- 650 held in Jammu and Kashmir on bandh eve.
November 7. Jammu Bandh turns violent, Congress-I men, cops Injured in Jammu andh violence, 70 hurt.
November 8. 50 Activists held in Kashmir.

- AICC joint secretary of AICC condemned Jammu and Kashmir Govt's manner of dealing with the Congress-I bandh at Jammu on the 7 November.
- Dr. Farooq sets up special Press cell in a bid to improve its relations with the media.
November 10. Rajiv Gandhi expressed his concern over events in Jammu and Kashmir.
November 11. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah has said that his Govt. is firm like a rock and no one can dislodge it constitutionally. Rajiv Gandhi said that harsh steps needed in Jammu and Kashmir.
November 16. Dr. Farooq Abdullah has cautioned Central leaders that any bid to topple the Govt. in state would pose danger to unity.
November 19. Minister for Information and Education Mohammad Shafi said that no arms traning in Jammu and Kashmir in sikh camps, while replying to P.C. sethi's Allegations.
November 24. Mr. Ahmad Khan President of Mohaze Azadi alleged that some of the prominent leader of his party were arrested by Farooq Govt.
November 28. Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq who heads of the Awami Action comittee is critical of Dr. Farooq Abdullah Govt's Performanc of economic front. But he finds no justification of President Rule in the State.
December 3. Dr. Farooq Abdullah warns AIR against false propaganda against his Govt. Jammu and Kashmir Govt. has objects to the P.C. Sethi's accusation that six camps for extremists were held in the state since June this year.
December 4. Awami action committee chairman Maulvi Farooq wants the Congress-I and the National conference to develop tolerence for each other. Dr. Farooq Abdullah criticised G.M. Shah for tODoline bid bv Congress-I.
December 5. Some of the congress I members demanded dismissal of Fraooq Govt. in view of the extremists training camps in the state.
December 8. Minister of state for Home Affairs Mr. P. Vekatasubbaih told the Rajya Sabha that situation of Jammu and Kashmir is not arisen of President Rule in Jammu and Kashmir.
December 11. Biennial Poll. test for Shah's claim.
December 14. 5000 persons injured in clash Congress-I men and Police.
December 15. Government has recieved information that six training camps have been held in Jammu and Kashmir stated by P.N. Laskar Minister of state for Home blockade against Jammu and Kashmir police excesses in the State.
December 20. Dr. Farooq Abdullah's staff scuffle with Congress-I MLA's in a meeting. Jammu and Kashmir police setup over hauled.
December 23. Jammu and Kashmir Congress men lathi charged, while protesting against police excesses.
December 24. 50 Jammu and Kashmir Congress-I men hurt in lathi charge in Procession demanding the release of party workers at Anantnag.
December 26. 36 Congress-I men hurt in lathi charge in a procession at Pulwama.
December 27. The unusual measures adopted by the J&K. Govt. to deal with the protest, organised by the Congress-I in the state, resulting in daily clashes are causing concern in party circles here. Jammu and Kashmir Congress-I workers raised slogans against Chief Minister.
December 31. Awami Action committee chief Mirwaiz Mahammad Farooq said that no explosive situation in the state.

In 1984
January 4. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi said that centre would not allow continuance of anti-national activities in Jammu and Kashmir which the State Government had failed to curb. She was talking to news men at Patna airport.
January 13. The Supreme Court stayed ex-parte the December 30, 1983 judgement of Jammu and Kashmir High Court, permitting the State Government to try the Congress-I workers arrested in a procession on December 14, 1983 in the Srinagar Central Jail instead of District Court of Anantnag.
January 14. Six Congress-I workers were killed and several hundred injured in police firing, teargassing and lathi charges in clashes between party demonstrators and police in different parts of Kashmir Valley.
January 17. In Calcutta the police fired several rounds and threw tear gas shells to disperse Congress-I demonstrators protesting against the arrest of three of their leaders in connection with black flag demonstration against Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah. Two persons were reported killed in police firing. Jammu and Kashmir Government ordered a judicial inquiry into the violence and police firing which rocked the Kashmir Valley on January 14,1984.
January 21. In Jammuand Kashmir dissident leaders of of the National Conference, at a meeting in Srinagar decided to change the present leadership of the party led by Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah. A dissident spokesman said that the policy of confrontation with the Centre would hardly solve the problems of the State rather it generates hatred.
January 23. A group of prominent Congress-I leaders including two Central Ministers sought the President's intervention in Jammu and Kashmir where an explosive situation is reported to have been created by Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah. In a memorandum sub- mitted to the President Zail Singh, they accused the Chief Minister, who reportedly demanded the right of self determination and questioned the finality of Kashmir's accession India and said that anti-national and secessionist forces, enoyed official patornage and dominated the scene in the State.
January 25. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is reported to have impressed upon Jammu and Kashmir Governor B.K. Nehru and Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, the need to check anti- national and secessionist forces. The two State leaders who had been summoned to New Delhi, met the Prime Minister separately and apprised her of the situation in the Jammu and Kashmir.
January 28. The police have launched a compaign against pro-Pakistan elements in Jammu and Kashmir and have arrested over 150 of them. This step has reportedly been taken as follow up to the talks which Governor B.K. Nehru and Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah and with Prime Minister earlier.
- Two Pakistani jet aircrafts violated Indian air space in Rajouri Sector (Jammu and Kashmir) on January 25.1984.
February 4. The construction of runway by China at Gilgit was illegal. Neither China nor Pakistan had any locus stands in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The joint colloboration in an area which was an integral part of India, was illegal and had a bearing on India's security.
February 5. The body of R.H. Mhatre. Asstt Commissioner in India's Consular Office in Birmingham, kidnapped by self-styled "Kashmir Liberation Army" was found with gunshot wounds in Leicestershire farm 30 km. from Birmingham from where he was kidnapped. The body was found after more than 24 hours had passed, since the deadline set by kidnappers, for negotiation for release of the diplomat. After the political Affairs Committee meet to review the security situation in the wake of murder of Indian diplomat R.H. Mhatre, Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah was advised by the Centre to take stringent action against secessionist elements in the Jammu and Kashmir State. Former Union Minister Mohammed Shafi Qureshi said killing of Mr. R.H. Mhatre in London, should be an eye opener to the Opposition Parties, espousing the cause of Chief Minister, who is alleged to have links with the "Kashmir Liberation Front".
February 8. Maqbool Butt, whose release was demanded by killers of Indian Diplomat, R.H. Mhatre in U.K. will be hanged in Tihar Jail in New Delhi on February II. The Special Judge in Jammu Pavitar Singb issued a black warrant on a petition field by the Jammu and Kashmir Government. Supreme Court dismissed a writ petition by Mohammed Maqbool Butt, setting deferment for a week of his execution. He had pleaded that he granted time to satis- fy himself that all procedural steps have been taken by Jammu and Kashmir Government under Section 9 of the Enemy Agents Ordi- nance.
February 11. Mohammed Maqbool Butt, co-founder of the self-styed "Kashmir Liberation Front" was executed at Tihar Jail, Delhi and his body was hurried in Jail premises. State Government of Jammu and Kashmir announced the constitution of a Minorities Commission with Shri Shakdhar, former Chief Election Commissioner of India as its Chair- man. The Indian Consulate in Karachi was attacked by supporters of "Kashmir Liberation Front" causing extensive demages to the flag and car of the Consul-General.
February 19. Birmingham police charged an Azad Kashmir based youth Abdul Qayum Raja with kidnapping R.H. Mhatre, the Indian diplomat, who was kidnapped and killed.
March 8. An exchange of fire between Pakistan troops and Indian Border Guards took place in the Uri Sector in North-west Kashmir. Pakistani troops opened fire on Indian pickets on March 7, without any provocations.
March 10. In Islamabad, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference announced the formation of a 'Kashmir Liberation Organisation' to mobilise men and resources for the "Liberation of Kashmir".
March 14. Chief Minister FarooqAbdullah declared in the State Assembly that he was never member of pro-Pakistan Jammu and Kashmir Libration Front (JKLF). He adimitted that he had visited Pakistan occupied Kashmir in 1974 as a 'Indian Citizen.'
March 21. A no-confidence motion against Speaker Wali Mohammed was rejected by Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly as all Congress-I members walked out of the House when the motion was taken for discussion.
March 26. The Union Government appointed Delhi's Lt. Governor Mr. Jagmohan as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir replacing B.K. Nehru who is being shifted to Gujarat. P.C. Gavai, Adviser to the Governor of Punjab will replace Mr. Jagmohan as Lt. Governor of Delhi.
April 16. India lodged a strong protest against the Pakistan Government's decision to appoint three members from northern areas of Kashmir to Majlist-Shora which are an integral part of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir'. In a protest note to Pakistan., Indian Fmbassy in Islamabad said that the decision was yet another step to unilateralli alter the situation in violation of the Simla Agreement.
April 26. Mr. Jogmoban was sworn in as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir as successor of B.K. Nehru. G.M. Shah, rebel Conference leader informed new State Governor Shri Jagmohan about the Complete breakdown of law and order in the State.
June 9. An indefinite Curfew was clamped in Pooch, in Jammu and Kashmir, following looting and arson by banned All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) members. Violence was reported from border town Baramulla.
June 21. Justice V. Khalid, Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court.
July 1. Jammu and Kashmir State Governor Jagmohan dismissed the Farooq Abdullah Ministry for being reduced to minority due to dissident National Conference members with drawing their support to him, and swears a new Government headed by G.M. Shah of rival faction of the National Conference the new Cabinet consists of 12 National Conference members and one independent from the state Assembly and two from Legislative Council including Chief Minister. The Governor rejected the recommendations of Farooq Abdullah that the state Assembly be convened immediately for testing majority or be dissolved in preparation of fresh election. Farooq Abdullah described "the dismissal as undemocratic and unconstitutional."
July 3. Devi Dass Thakur was appointed Dy. Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. National Confereuce MLA Malik Ghulam-u- Din extended support to Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, G.M. Shah thus raising the strength of his supporters.
July 7. The hijackers of the Indian Airline plane are the members of All India Sikh Student's Federation, said Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister G.M. Shah. More than 100 'Sikh extremists' were rounded up in a 'continuing police swift and stern swoop' in Jammu and Kashmir in last two days.
July 9. Central Bureau of Investigation officials have come to the conclusion that a section of personnel of anti-hijacking unit of Jarnmo and Kashmir police and other agencies posted at Srinagar Airport were in collusion with Sikh extermists who hijacked the Indian Airlines airbus.
July 11. Leaders of 19 Political Parties, including non- Congress-I Chief Ministers demanded dismissal of the Government in Jammu and Kashmir, dissolution of State Assembly, immediate removal of Governor and fresh elections in the State. They called upon the people to protest against the "undemocratic" act of Government in dismissing Farooq Abdullah Government in the State "at the instance of the Center". They have decided to launch a country wide relentless struggle against Congress-I authoritarian rule.
July 12. The Chief Ministers of four non-Congress-I States Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tripura and West Bengal walked out of the National Development Council meeting in a protest against dismissal of the Farooq Abdullah Ministry in Jammu and Kashmir. N.T. Rama Rao, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister criticised the dismissal. Prime Minister Jndira Gandhi pointed out that the National Development Council is not a political platform and had met to discuss the Seventh Five Year Plan. The four Chief Ministers who walked out of the National Development Council meeting sought more powers for States in formulating development plans while most of other Chief Minieters welcomed the Planning Com- mission approach to the Seventh plan. Four non-Congress-I Chief Ministers representatives of 19 opposition parties met Presi- dent Zail Singh presented him a memorandum protesting against the unconstitutional dismissal of Government of Farooq Abdullah. They also demanded, recall of the Governer immediate dissolution of Assembly and carlv elections.
July 14. President promulgated ordinance empowering to Government to set up Special Courts for trail of terrorists for specified offences, inciluding waging war against State, promoting enm- ity between classes, murder, dacoity, sabotage, hijack etc. The Special Courts could be set only in areas declared as "terrorist affec- ted areas". The Terrorist Affected Areas (Special Courts) Ordinance extended to whole os India, excent to the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
July 16. Governor Jagmohan summoned a special session of the Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly, on July 31, to enable Chief Minister G.M. Shah to prove his majority on the floor of the House.
July 25. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi rejected the demand for immediate withdrawal of the Army from the Golden Temple Complex, pointing out that in the present situation full protection has to be given those engaged in "Kar Seva". Intervening in the debate on White Paper on Punjab in Lok Sabha, she asserted that the foreign hands were bebind the secessionist mozement in Punjab and concerted efforts were being made by internal and external forces in the State as well as Jammu and Kashmir, and North East States to divide the country.
July 31. The one month old G.M. Shah Ministry scored a vote of confidence with 43 members supporting the Government. The Opposition members led by Farooq Abdullah walked out of the House. Earlier Speaker Wali Mohammed was forcible removed from the Speakers Chair. Later Man gal Ram Sharma of Congress (1) was elected Speaker, who rescinded the order of Wali Mohammad disquiifying National Conference Legislators, now suppor- ting G.M. Shah who was voted to a majority.
August 3. A resolution adopted at the Central co-ordination Committee of National Democratic Alliance held in New Delhi demanded abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution which provides special privileges for Jammu and Kashmir State and also asks far repeal of Tarnrnii anrf Kashmir Resettlement Act.
August 5. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister G.M. Shah declares that no one would be permitted to temper with Article 370 of the Constitution. which guarantees special status to Jammu and Kashmir. In a rally he ridiculed the demand made by National Democratic Alliance for abrogation of Article 370.
September 25. Under an Ordinance promulgated by the Governor, Jagmohan, Jammu and Kashmir public Safety Act, which provides for deten- tion for two years without trail is further amended for making it more stringent and for bringing in timber smuggling under its purview.
October 11. Jammu and Kashmir former Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah rules out any approachment between his faction of the National Conference and the one headed by his sister Khalida Shah.
October 15. The Union Government has assured 'Safe conduct' to Laldenga, Chief of the outlawed Mizo National Front (MNF) ram to be upgraded to Statehood and given special status like Tarnrnu and Kashmir.
October 17. The issue oF Kashmir cropped up in a Committee of U.N. General Assembly when Pakistan made a passing reference to it during a discussion on racial discrimination and self- determination. Rajendra Singh Rathore, a counsellor in the Indian Mission said that Jammu and kashmir is an integral part of India and the question of self-determination could not be applied to an integral part of a Sovereign State.
December 22. Chief Election Commissioner R.K. Trivedi announced that the Central observers appoirt- ed by him in Bihar, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal will co-ordinate the work of local observers.It was revealed that the Central observers were deployed after he received complaints from various Political Parties about possibilities rigging and other mal-practices.
December 24. Moderate to heavy polling marked by violence at some places, involving around 6 per cent of the electorate, was reported from 379 Constituencies, in the first phase of the eight general elections. In Kashmir Valley it was a 'bloody' polling where presiding Officers were beaten up and they bled profusely.

In 1985
January 6. Bhim Singh, MLA, and President of the Paniners party, announces his resignation from the State Assembly in response to the demand made by the Congress-I general secretary, unaram Paul.
January 10. A Cabinet sub committee, constituted by the G.M. Stiati Government, holds that former chief Minister Farooq Abdullah had ignored warnings by intelligence agencies, both Central and State, about the activities of anti-national and secessionist forces in the State. Speaking in Jammu, Deputy Chief Minister D.D. Thakur says that the report is factual and its purpose is not to hold the former Chief Minister as "guilty or not guilty" It is being released in order to enable the public to determine on its own the role of Farooq Abdullah and how he had tackled various issues with which the report is concerned. Adding that the report is not a white paper, D.D. Thakur observes that information reaching the Central Government through its own agencies about activities of Pro-Pakistani and secessionist elements was authentic and it was supported by special reports and daily summary of information made by the State intelligence department. The magnitude and dimension of these activities was alarming and the concern of Union Home Ministry conveyed to State Home Ministry was justified he adds.
January 13. In an interview to the Karachi daily. Dawn, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi expresses India's desire for "a new atmosphere in our relations, bases on complete non-interference and mutual trust". While India is keen to resume talks, there is a feeling that Pakistan is not equally serious in this regard, he points out, and adds that "affirmation of friendship are welcome, but they must be matched by actions".
January 29. The Budget Session of the State Legislature begins with a boycott of the Governor's Address to the joint session of the two houses by all members belonging to National Conference (Farooq), People's Conference and Panthers' Party.
January 30. G.M. Shah and aides hold talks with planning Commission.
February 11. One person killed and several injured while police opened a fire on mob.
February 15. Congress-I nominee. Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, is declared elected to the State Assembly from the Ranbir Singh Pura constitutency defeating his nearest rival, R.S. Chib of the Nationa conference (Farooq), by a margin of 5022 votes.
February 16. National Conference (Farooq) legislators walk out the State Assembly twice in protest against certain rulings by Speaker Mangat Ram Sharma. Verbal exchanges and procedural wrangles mark the proceedings of the Assembly which began its sitting after an interval of over a fortnight.
February 17. Chairman of the State Legislative Council, M.K. Tikkli, gives recognition to be 16 member National Conference (Khalida) in the House as a separate group.
February 19. The State Assembly is adjourned for 15 minutes when pandemoniom breaks out after the speaker had disallowed an adjournment motion moved by Panthers Party member Bhim Singh on alleged poll rigging in the recently concluded Ranbirsinghpura by- election

February 20. The State Assembly passes the motion of thanks on the Governor's address after a series of walkouts and uproarious scenes. Some of the objectionable expressions were ordered to be expunged by Speaker Mangat Ram Sharma. As works Minisier Talib Hussain rose to speak on the resumed debate on the motion of thanks. National Conference (P) members staged a walkout saying that they would not listen to "defectors".
February 21. National conference and Congress-I members had a verbal disputes in the J.K. Assembly.
February 23. Mr. G.M. Shah's cabinet is reported legal action against Farooq Abdullah.
February 26. National Conference (Farooq members of the State Assembly stage a walkout then Speaker Mangat Ram Sharma declines to continued) admit an adjournment motion moved by them over the police firing in Baramulla on February 25.
March 2. Political crisis in Jammu and Kashmir is reaching a flash point Mr. Arun Nehru Union Minister of State for energy visited the state and discussed the matter with Governor.
March 19. G.M.Rajiv Gandhi talks for forming the coalition Govt in the state.
March 22. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi declared that J & K Govt will run full team.
March 28. The game of MLA Trading has again once started in Jammu and Kashmir.
April 16. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi warns that no one will be allowed to disturb peace and harmony in Jammu and Kashmir or to weaken its link with the rest of the country. Addressing a delegation of All-India Newspaper Editors Conference in New Delhi. Replying to a question about the recent threat by former Cheif Minister Farooq Abdullah that he would launch a violent agitation in Kashmir and snap its ties with India, Rajiv Gandhi describes such threats as "irresponsible". The Prime Minister also refuses the charge that the present Government headed oy G.M. Shah is illegal.
April 28. The co-ordination meeting of the opposition united Front, led by Farooq Abdullah, urges the Governor to immediately dismiss the "illegal and "unconstitutional Government of G.M. Shah and impose President's rule, provide employment opportunity to all educated unemployed youth, announce early elections to the municipal councils and notified area committees and a Judicial probe into the charges of corruption against the present Government and its Ministers. The meeting is attended by N.C. (F), Lok Dal Janata Party, CPI-M and Panthers Party.
May 1. Six parties plan stir in J.K. on May 6th.
May 4. 100 persons including 3 opposition leaders hurt, when the police resorted to a lathi charge on anti Govt. demonstrators squating on Tawi Bridge.
May 6. Extra police deployed in Srinagar to handle the threatened agitation of opposition parties. Bandh in Srinagar almost total.
May 7. Timings may upset the agitation Plans headed by Farooq Abdullah against the Government of G.M. Shah.
May 13. One dead. In Firing as mob gets violent in Srinagar, Who was protesting against the siting of writ petition in Calcutta high court seeking a ban on holy Koran.
May 17. One person killed and another seriously injured this evening when police fired as slogan shouting demonstrators throwing stones on police.
May 18. Sudden spurt in the activities of Pro-pakistani Extremists in the Muslim dominated Kashmir valley and Pro-Khalistani terrorist in the hindli dominated Area of Jammu has caused a serious concern not only to the people of the state but to the Union Home Ministry as well. 30 hurt in Anantnag when police opened fire and lathi charge to desperse stone pelting demonstrators.
May 20. 80,000 Kashiri Pandits, feel insecure in valley.
May 23. Jammu and Kashmir committee to screen officials who will be premature retired if found guilty of corrupt practices. Home Secretary Ram Pradban flew to Srinagar to discuss with the J.K. Govt. measures to co-ordinate the anti terrorist campaign, that is under way in Punjab.
May 25. Ex-Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah fears that the anti terrorist law when applied in J.K. may be misused in the state. Mirwaiz Farooq Chairman Awami Action committee has asked the Chief Minister G.M. Shah to refrain from attempts to create ill will among different sections of society by casting uncalled for asperision on the which had been in fore front of the States freedom movement.
June 2. Kashmiri Pandit community demanded the appointment of commission with constitution at authority to investigate the reasons for the exodus of the members of community.
June 4. Congress-I will not topple Shah Govt., assured by Mr. Rajiv Gandhi Prime Minister.
July 1. Jammu and Kashmir succession war continues within Shaikh Abdullah family.
July 2. Normal life remained paralysed in Srinagar city and in other towns of state in response to call for Bandh given by the state opposition parties.
July 7. Despite strict security measures by the J.K. Police some extremists have been able to sneak into the state.
July 9. N.C. and Congress-I alliance based on faith says deputy Chief Minister Devidass Thakur.
July 10. Chief Minister G.M. Shah ruged people to co-operate with the Govt. to fulfill the dream of the late Sheikh Abdullah of prosperous state.
July 12. Gerrymandering bane of Kashmir politics.
July 15. Overseas wing of the so called J.K. Liberation Front seems to be disintegrating and its president Amanullah Khan is so much frustrated with what he called integral politics.
July 17. Coalition Govt. in J & K in the offing, as the number of Congress-I leaders of the State arrived Delhi.
July 27. Action against corrupt J.K. Government officials dropped.
August 3. Begum Khalida Shah President of Ruling National Conference had a long meeting with her mother Begum Abdullah. This gives new turn to J K. Politics
August 11. Prime Minister Mr. Sardar SikandarHayat of Pakistan occupied Kashmir allocated the funds for the liberation of Kashmir.
August 14. Pro-Pak mob teargased in Srinagar who were raising anti India slogan in a demonstration.
August 15. Over 50 people were injured when police opened fire to disperse unruly mob who were raising anti India slogans.
August 16. Blast rocks Srinagar temple after day long clashes between police and Pro-Pakistani demonstrators.
August 25. Centre is considering to impose President rule in Kashmir without dessolving the state Assembly for the time being.
September 5. Deputy Chief Minister D.D. Thakur has warned that the coming times would be darker in Kashmir valley, due to the shortage of Power in the state.
- Chief Minister G.M. Shah denies reports, he is quitting.
- law and order Situation in Kashmir is in shreds.
August 7. G.M. Shah Govt. gets another lease of life as Congress-I High command has yet not made up his mind to tackle the Kashmir imbroglio. Mr. Amanullah Khan leader of so called J.K.L.F. was charged with articles with passe- ssing intent to cause criminal damage in London.
August 9. Kashmir may come under central rule paving the way for early elections to the state Assembly. H.C. Revokes suspension of Mr. E.L. Handoo, Mr. M, Shafi and Mr. Bhim Singh. MLA's in state Assembly.
August 16. J.K. Police had thawarted saboteurs plan on Id day as stated by J.K. Home Minister Mr. G.M. Baderwahi.
- Bomb Blast at Congress-I meet venue.
- Newsman walked out of the Assembly presa Gallery when the Chief Minister G.M. Shall remarked that Press owned by capitalists and business houses.
August 18. Governor Jagmohan says that G.M. Shah soft on separatists.
August 20. Over 100 persons held for J.K. blasts reported from various places.
August 23. According to informed sources the centre is likely to take some decision on Jammu and Kashmir some time next week.
August 25. Growing popularity of G.M. Shah unnerved his opponents.
August 27. Indefinate curfew in Rajouri town, in view of deterioting law and order situation in the state.
August 29. Shah ministry is likely to go.
October 2. No threat to Shah Ministry says POC leader Mr. Janak Rai Gupta.
October 9. J.K. told to gear up against only Indians warning give by Union Home Minister.
October 18. Begum Khalida President of ruling National Conference told that Kashmir Issue was settled by late Shri Sheikh Abdullah.
October 24. Crucial J & K Congress-I meet will be held in Srinagar to decide regarding continuence of support to Shah Ministry.
October 28. With the arrest of three Government EmpIoyees the J.K. police claimed to have smashed a gang, AI-Jihad is responsible for series of bomb explosions.
October 31. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that G.M. Shah's Govt's days are numbered. Begum Khalida charged Congress-I for mismanagement in the state.
November 1. 84 hurt as violence errupts in Srinagar.
November 5. Farooq wants closer ties with Congress-I on the same basis as obtained during the time of Bakshi Gulam Mobammad.
November 9. Successionist Group busted in Baramulla by Jammu and Kashmir police.
November 10. Three Jammu and Kashmir Govt employees. have been dismissed from service for having been involved in terrorist activities in the State.
November 11. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister G.M. Shah denied the reports that Begum Khalida Shah and Begum Sheikh Abdullab had talks.
November 13. Kashmir liberation front has intensified its activities in the Border district of Rajouri and Poonch.
November 16. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister G.M. Shah seems to have out manoeuvred both the National Conference (F) and his alliance partner Congress-I keeping his seat not with standing a consisfant tirade against him.
November 20. Decision to end the current political uncertainity in the state appears to be in the offing. PCC(1) President Mufti Mohammad Sayeed arrived at Delhi by special plane, shows the significance.
November 21. Amir of Jamait-e-lslami Ghulam Mohammad Butt has reiterated that the accession of Kashmir to India is still a disputed issue which could however be amicably settled between the Govts of the two nations. Relations between National conference (K) and Congress-I have been further deterioted as both are staking claim to the solitary Rajya Shabha seat from the state.
November 22. G.M. Shah to recommend to the Union Govt. the case of Gilani allowing him to stay in the Valley for five weeks.
November 24. 400 held in J & K. swoop on extrimists including the members of Muslim organisafions.
November 28. Centre may take a decision with regard to political change in Jammu and Kashmir soon after Assam poll on December 16.
November 29. Dr. Farooq Abdullah hinted that Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandhi would take a positive decision soon to end the 17 months long political uncertainity in J. & K.
December 3. Mr. S.P. Malaviya asked in Rajya Sabha for the dismissal of Shah Government.
December 6. Some charges levelled against Congressr-I by the Chief Minister Mr. G.M. Shah havi created fresh strains in the Congress Party's alliance with the ruling National Conference. Shah Govt bid to set record straight it alleged that Shah Govt soft towards anti national and secessionist elements.
December 24. Ten Persons were arrested for involvement in several cases of explosions in the Kashmir Valley.

In 1986
January 19. Finance Ministers of India and Pakistan, V.P. Singh and Mabbubul Haq, respectively, move cautiously on the question of ending a seven- year old deadlock over the resumption of private sector trade, but find a right atmos- phere for evolving an economic package as part of an overall normalization of bilateral relations, meeting held in Islamabad.
Pakistan Finance Minister stresses that India and Pakistan should attain a stage where normalization and expansion of economic ties reaches an irresversible point.
The Indian Finance Minister underscores the need for a positive thrust in developing economic ties and stresses that Islarnab should treat imports from India on a nc discriminatory basis.
January 20. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi makes it clear that the Kashmir issue is to be solved bilater- ally in the spirit of the Simla Agreement. In this context he also states that the newly formed, Pakistan Muslim League's warning to the Pakistan Government against non malisatioii of relations, ignoring historical facts, will not effect the step by step nor malisation process undertaken by the two countries. P.M. was talking to newsmen after the Swearing-in of new ministers at Rashtrapati Bhawan.
January 21. Foreign Secretary Romesh Bhandari states that Pakistan's approach to settling bilateral issues with India in the spirit of the Simla Agreement remains unchanged. Speaking to' newsmen at Palam airport on the conclusion of his five-day visit to Pakistan. He makes it clear that Pakistan Govern- ment does not share the Muslim League's view that relations between the two countries could be normalized only after solving Kashmir issue on the basis of the UN resolu- tion.
February 10. Election Commission has postponed the biennial elections to the State Legislative Council to fill 15 vacancies by members of the Legislative Assembly, scheduled for March 3.
February 15. Fifty people including 25 policemen, are injured when mobs protesting against the reopening of the Ram Janmabbumi Temple at Ayodbya, clash with police in Srinagar.
February 17. Taking serious note of the attempts to whip up religious passions over the Ram Janamu Bhoomi temple reopening issue, the Centre has reportedly advised the States particularly, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territory of Delhi, to take effective preceautionary steps to check, any communal flare up due to protest demonstrations.
February 21. The army stands in alert and parliamentary personnel join the State police to maintain peace as the situation in the State continues to remain tense with stray incidents of violence reported from some parts. Meanwhile, the Central Government has- asked the State Governor and Chief Minister to take effective and firm measures to deal with the disturbances.
February 23. On Jammu and Kashmir situation, the Party demands the dismissal of the Shah Govern- ment Fon the ground that it is in league with anti-national forces.
February 26. A despatch, published in the Herald from its London correspondent, says that a computeri- sed international fund campaign raises cash for Sikh extremist camps in Pakistan and Punjab and an estimated £ 100,000 a week is sent from (UK) to buy arms. Far greater sums are subscribed in the USA and Canada. Authorities in UK and the other side of the Atlantic have refused to move against such a well organised movement, the elements of which are engaged in open violence in UK and poisoning relations not only among Sikhs but also between Hindus and Muslims. The report further says that the extre- mists have allied themselves with the Kashmir secessionists and Muslim extremists.
March 1. Commenting on the recent statement by India's External Affairs Minister that Siachin was part of India, Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo says in Islama- bad, that Pakistan would not surrender its right over Siachin, which has all along been under" the control of Pakistan.
March 3. Biennial elections to State Legislative Council have been postponed to March 27 next due to the disturbed law and order situation in the State.
March 5. Contrary to the assurances given by Zia in New Delhi on finding a solution to the Kash- mir issue solely in accordance with the Simla agreement. President Zia-ul-Haq is reported to have said during a dinner hosted by Sardar Abdual Qayyam Khan, that Kashmir was the "Jugular vein of Pakistan" and his coun- try wanted the Kashmir question to be resolved peacefully and honorably in accor- dance with the UN resolutions. He further observed: "there can be no compromise on Kashmir. Eight and a half crore Muslims of Pakistan could never think of making any compromise on the issue". Shoot-at-sight orders were issued in Jammu following daylong clashes between students and police patrolling parties in the canal road area. Over a hundred people, including a large number of policemen, were injured.
March 6. Congress (1) leadership has decided to withdraw support to the G.M. Shah Ministry following the outbreak of communal violence in the State.
- According to reports received in Jammu from across the border. Pakistan has constructed an airbase at Dhanni village, near the Rawal- kot area in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
- It is the second airbase to be constructed by Pakistan in the region Muzaffarabad
March 7. Governor Jagmohan announces in Jammu that the Council of Ministers headed by G.M. Shah had been dissolved and the Governor had taken over the administration of the State under section 92 of the State Constitution. Ten MLAs of NC (K) switch support to Farooq Abdullah. They are Hakim Mohammad Yasin, G.M. Mir, Mohammed Khalil' Johar, Sanaullah Dar, Rafiq Hussain Khan Gurbachan Kumari Rana, JagJ'iwan Lal, Dilawar.
March 8. According to an official press release, the Election Commission has cancelled the bein- nial elections to one Ra)ya Sabha seat and a number of seats to the State Legislative Coun- cil in Jammu and Kashmir scheduled for March 27, following recent developments in the State.
March 9. At a meeting in Jammu, NC (K) decides to withdraw its offer to merge with NC (F) even as fourteen of the nineteen Ministers in the dismissed G.M. Shah Government announce that they were forming an independent group.
March 10. In an interview with a correspondent in Jammu, Governor JagMohan gives an assurance that he will make since efforts to Streamline the Administration, restore nor- malcy all over the State and create a sense of belonging among the minority community.
March 11. Governor Jagmohan orders the complete lifting of curfew from Jammu and Srinagar with immediate effect in view of "rapid imorovement in the law and order situation".
March 12. Pakistan Government lifts an almost IO-year old barn on private trade with India by announcing that businessmen can import 42 items from its neighbour. These items include tea, timber, technical books, spices, viscose fibre and yarn, ferro alloys, calculators, cash registers, elevators and escalators, drilling rigs, refrigerator and air-conditioner compres-
March 13. Governor Jagmohan orders the complete lifting of curfew from Jammu and Srinagar with immediate effect in view of "rapid improvement in the law and order situation".
March 14. According to intelligence reports, a heavy concentration of Pakistani troops has been reported in the Poonch, Rajouri and Hajipeer Pass sectors along the Jammu and Kashmir border.
March 22. In a nation wide broadcast on the eve of Pakistan national day, Pakistani Prime Minis- ter Mohammed Khan Junejo says that his country wants to re-solve all its outstanding issues with India, including the question of Kashmir, in accordance with the UN resolu- tions and in the spirit of the Simla agreement. . He also adds that while pursuing peace in the region, Pakistan would neither become an ally of any super power nor join any military alliances.
April 2. Minister of State in the Department of Inter- nal Security Arun Nehru, informs Lok Sabha that his Ministry had all the details about the training camps being established in Pakistan to train terrorists. India will convey its feelings about it to Pakistan in the strong- est possible terms he adds.
April 6. According to intelligence sources from Jammu, Pakistan has reportedly set up another institute or guerrillas warfare at Alia- bad in the Hajipur bulge in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. President Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan has accused India of violating the Simla agreement by "Unilaterally occupying" an area of Siachin Glacier and warns that it could spoil mutual relations. While giving an interview to "New Life" a weekly published from London.
April 8. In a fresh crackdown against anti-national and secessionist elements in the State, five hundred twenty one persons are reportedly arrested by the police.
April 10. Splinter group of Kashmir Awami Action Committee, headed by Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq, forms a new political party, the Kashmir Awami Forum in the state.
April 15. Dhanraj Bargotra is re-elected President of the state units of the Janata Party. Pakistan Foreign Minister Sahabzada Yaqub Khan, during his meeting with External Affairs Minister B.R. Bhagat at New Delhi, reaffirms his country's commitment to the Simla Agreement and assures him that the process of normalisation of bilateral ties- would continue. Bali Ram Bhagat, on his part, assures Yaqub Khan that India was keen on question of India going back on its commit- ment for improving relations with Pakistan,. he adds.
May 8. External Affairs Minister B.R. Bhagat assures. Rajya Sabha during question hour that the Government had taken adequate security precautions in view of the airfields being Constructed at Rawlkot and Muzaffarabad by Pakistan in occupied Kashmir. India had strongly protested to Pakistan about the Construction of these airfields. Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and any Pakistani action in occupied Kashmir poses a threat to India's security, the External Affairs Minister asserts.
May 9. In his presidential address at the second plenary session of the BJP in New Delhi, party President L.K. Advani, among other things, suggests that the Law Commission should prepare a draft uniform civil code and- throw it open for national debate. The BJP President also demands abroga- tion of Article 370 outlines a nine-point poll reform to give the nation a "clean public life".
May 12. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi rules out the demand made by the National Conference (Farooq) for the dissolution of the Jammu Kashmir Assembly. According to him, the Assembly should be allowed to run its full term till 1989, in a news Conference.
May 10. NC (F) Chief Farooq Abdullah announces the decision of his party legislators to submit their resignations to the Governor and request him to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly and hold fresh elections, while addressing a public meeting in Anantnag.
June 3. Pakistan Prime Minister Mohammed Khan] Junejo says it is wrong to assume that his country has shelved the Kashmir issue or that it is not being taken up properly. Kashmir issue, he says, is being handled within the ambit of the UN resolutions and the Simla agreement. Said in National Assembly of Pakistan.
June 12. The talks on Siachin Glacier issue conclude after both sides agree to continue the dialogue in the spirit of the Simla agreement.
July 15. Former ~Speaker of the State Assembly Babu Parma and joins NC (F).
July 17. Pakistan's Prime Minister Mohammed Khan Junejo demands that in matters of nuclear Safeguards, Pakistan be put on par with India. He also reiterates that his country is agreeable to sign the NPT provided India 8i'gns it. While replying to NBCS Today Programme.
July 19. During Pakistani Prime Minister Mohammed Khan Junejo's visit to Washington, USA reaffirms to him, its commitment to "non- aligned Pakistan's independence, security and territorial integrity" and supports Indo-Pak efforts for strengthening relations. As the Pakistani Prime Minister briefs President Reagan about the discussions that had taken place between the Governments of Pakistan and India on improving relations, the President in a statement, "welcomes the pledge made by the Governments of Pakistan and India not to attack each other's nuclear installations and expresses the hope that these discussions would continue to yield success".
July 22. According to official reports, Pakistani inten- sifies its military activities along the Jammu and Kashmir border, deploying additional troops and bringing in more reinforcements at Poonch, Rajouri Hajipeer and Uri sectors in Pakistan-occupied areas of Jammu and Kashmir. Meanwhile, intelligence sources from across the actual line of control reveal heavy concentration as well as replacement of Pak troops and installation of "stringer missiles" recently acquired from USA, on forward positions.
July 25. The self-styled Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Amanullah Khan, who has been found guilty of the charge of possessing explosive chemicals with the intent of causing harm to life or lives, has since been served with a deportation notice by the Home Office in London.
July 26. State Governor Jagmohan, on receiving a summon from NewDelhi, arrives in the capi- tal and apprises Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of his assessment of the political situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
July 28. In an interview published in New York Pakistan's Prime Minister Mohammed Khan Junejo praises Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi for his efforts to improve India's relations with his country. He also reiterates that Pakistan has no intention of making nuclear weapons.
August 5. A final settlement in Jammu and Kashmir leading to Dr. Farooq Abdullah forming a National Conference Government with Cong- 1 support from out side expected to be worked out after the N.C. Chief's return from Haj Piligrimage.
August 21. Power Brokers start playing games for return in power of Dr. Farooq Abdullah.
August 22. Five months Governor's Rule in the State curtailed but not completely curbed the activities of successionist, pro-Khalshtni and Pro-Pakistani elements.
August 23. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi asked Dr. Farooq Abdullah to meet in Delhi after his Haj piligrimage to take the decision on politi- cal set up in the state.
August 26. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had a round of 1 16 Facts About Kashmir discussion with Dr. Abdullah for restoring popular rule in J.K.
September 2. Quazi Nasser who was being dubbed as Bindranwale of South Kashmir was arrested when he was comming to address a Press conference from Anantnag. Cabinet Committee on political affairs met this morning and is understood to have briefly discussed the Kashmir situation.
September 3. Dr. Farooq Abdullab hopeful of early accord with Congress-d) which would end political settlement in the state.
September 5. Cong-(d) and National Conference announced their common goals of strengthening solidarity and integrity of India, sharing a common plat form in Srinagar. Dr. Farooq Abdullah reconciles with Mufti Mohammad sayeed.
September 12. Syed Mir Qusim accused Governor Jagmohan at letting lose a reigm of terror and puting innocent people behind bars.
September 13. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had a meeting with Farooq Abdullah ex Chief Minister and Governor Jagmohan and discussed political. situation in the state. Centre's fresh efforts to bring to end the six month long inpasses in Jammu and Kashmir and install a popular Govt. proposed by Dr- Farooq Abdullah and Governor Jog Mohan. Three persons injured, when a petrol bomb exploded in a cinema hall.
September 17. There are a prospects of any understanding being reached between Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Congress (1) in near future to install a popular Govt. in the State.
September 19. Dr. Farooq Abdullah will convey his decision on accord with Congress (1) on the terms offered by Cong-l.
September 21. Dr. Farooq move for patch up with Cong- 1.
September 25. National conference is likely to put some conditions for support to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.
September 27. One killed in firing on Baramulla mob when large number of supporters of an organization called "Tahafooz-e-lslam" took out a proces- sion to protest against the arrest of their leaders.
September 28. BJP President L.K. Advani blames Govt. for J.K. situation and said, that Maulvi Quzi Nisar Ahmad to be emerging as Kashmir's Bhindranwale.
October 2. Anantang in south Kashmir was the first town to be gripped by violence following the detention of fundamentalist leader Dr. Quzi Nisar.
October 4. National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah expressed his deep concern over the situation developing in J.K. and said the 2. forces of disruption were uniting in the Valley.
October 7. Curfew was reimposed in Sopore following a night long clashes between patrolling parties of Kashmir Armed Police and Jamaat-i-lslami demonstrators. Governor Jagmohan and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi discuss the situation in Kashmir.
October 8. Antinational elements set a blaze the wooden Mahjoor bridge named after Kashmir's national poet.
October 9. Shoot-at-sight orders issued in Srinagar, any one trying to set a fire the Govt. properties including bridges and vehicles. - Cong. (1) team led by Gbulam Rasool Kar apprised the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of the law and order situation in the state.
October 10. Mirwaiz Maulvi Mohammad Farooq Chair- man Awami Action Committee condemned subversive and communal activites in the state due to the inconsistant and ambiguous policy of centre-vis-a-vis Kashmir.Poor response to J.K. Hartal, the call was given by Muslim Employees Front in Kashmir.
October 11. Death toll of Kashmir firing on September 15 increases to Four.
October 12. Thirty six activists of the fundamental Right wing Jamat-i-islami and other subversive groups have been rounded up in the Kashmir valley.
October 13. Jammu and Kashmir Awami Action Commit- tee chief Maulvi Mohammad Farooq today reiterated his demand for dissolution of J.K. Assembly.
October 15. Dr. Karan Singh expressed his concern on delay reaching political solution to the impasse of J.K. aad warned that it will effect border national interest. He also reacted on take over of Vaishnodevi Shrine.
October 16. Pro-Pak elements active. All the political parties had been criticising the arrest of leader of political parties.
October 28. Interim coalition Government in J.K. pro- posed.
October 31. The decks have been finally been cleared for the installation of a popular Govt. in Jammu and Kashmir. Joint Press conference was hold by Dr. Farooq Abdullah and P.M. Rajiv Gandhi in New Delhi.
November 1. Nine member coalition Govt. headed by National Conference president Dr. Farooq Abdullah will be sworn in on monday accor- ding to AICC sources.
November 2. Coalition Govt. headed by Dr. Farooq Abdullah will be sworn some time during the week according to proposal in Cong. (1) Parliamentary Board in its meeting.
- Some political parties of Kashmir Valley have given a call for a day's hartal tommorrow in protest against the proposed formation of ontd.) coalition Govt. in the state by National conference (F) and Cong. (1).
- Shoot at a sight orders were issued in Kashmir town at Doda in Jammu when in indefinite curfew was imposed following the communal clashes.
November 3. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi told Congress- men from J.K. that they should not only make the proposed coalition Govt. work successfully but effectively.
November 5. Political parties particularly those aligned wilh Dr. Farooq Abdullab on bis ouster, has been hostile, with many of then expressing their misgivings over the durabilily of rela- tion ship.
November 6. Dr. Farooq Abdullah who takes over as a Chief Minister of Kashmir tommorrow has called for ushering in the politics of national reconciliation and consensus, that involves all the democratic and patriotic forces in the country.
November 7. Coalition Govt. headed by Dr. Farooq Abdullah sworn in morning. Jammu and Kashmir Assembly dissolved by Governor as Dr. Farooq Abdullah is back in the Chief Minister's saddle.
November 25. The Mirwaiz of South Kashmir QuziNissar Ahmad who shot-in to prominence in the wakeofeommunual disturbances in parts of valley in February says the ruling coalition will collapse well before coming elections.
December 11. During a Press conference at Jammu, Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah discloses that the centre has agreed to release a special assis- tance of about Rs. 1000 crore to Jammu and Kashmir. The bulk of the central assistance is to be provided for implementing Dul-Has-i-an Uri hydel projects and the Jammu-Udhampur rail link project. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi says that foreign powers are trying to destabilise India by weakening it form within and warns that these forces will not be allowed to succeed in their designs. He appeals to all citizens to remain united and frustrate the designs of these powers. Addressing a public meeting at Udhampur.
December 14. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi calls upon the people to strengthen the forces of secularism in order to ensure speedier economic progress and thwart the designs of those bent on weakening the nation while. Addressing a rally to mark the 41st birth anniversary of Sanjay Gandhi in Srinagar. Announcing a series of steps to boost the tourist trade in the State, the Prime Minister says that efforts are afoot to extend the rail- way line from Jammu to Udhampur and beyond to the Kashmir valley.
December 21. Pakistan builds anti-tank channels near Jammu and Kashmir border : According to official sources in Jammu, Pakistanb as built at least three anti-tank "defence channels" covering about 175 Km.The longest channel of about 100 km. has been built from Ranroor village to Zaide in the Sialkot sector. According to the sources, the main idea of Pakistan is to prevent tank movement in these areas.
December 26. Government has arrested Mr. Ghulam Nabi Shaida Editor of "Wadhi ki Awaz" for his attempts to

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