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Facebook, Twitter take action over Trump�s post on Covid
Posted 08 Oct 2020 12:22 PM


Last week, American President Donald Trump had announced that he and First lady Melania Trump were tested positive for Covid-19. But this week, images of Trump leaving the hospital had been doing rounds on social media shocking people not just in the USA but from across the world.

Facebook Inc and Twitter took action against Trump on Tuesday for violating their rules and spreading misinformation and Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Trump�s post said that Covid is just like flu. But even before Facebook could take down the post, it was shared over 26,000 times, stated the company�s metric tool CrowdTangle. Meanwhile, Twitter disabled the option to re-tweet the post. They also added a label warning that the post was �spreading misleading and potentially harmful information about Covid-19�.

Trump, who has always refused to wear a face mask stating that he is not worried about Covid, was seen wearing the mask at a few occasions after being tested positive. With the US Presidential elections round the corner, Trump is not leaving any stone unturned to make sure that he is present in all campaigns against opponent Joe Biden.

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