COVID-19: From physical distancing to queue management, Centre issues guidelines for reopening of entertainment parks -
COVID-19: From physical distancing to queue management, Centre issues guidelines for reopening of entertainment parks
Posted 13 Oct 2020 02:45 PM


Entertainment parks reopening: Government issues SOPs for entertainment parks! As the country is gearing towards unlocking and reopening all activities, entertainment parks and similar attractions are also open. These places are visited by a large number of people, increasing the risk of COVID-19 if proper precautions are not taken. Keeping this in mind, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued an SOP for preventive measures at such places. Here�s what the guidelines by the Centre state.

The guidelines include general instructions along with specific instructions for the staff members and the visitors.

1. Everyone would be required to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet to the extent possible. Masks and face covers have also been made compulsory.

2. The advisory also suggests frequent washing of hands, and following of respiratory etiquette. Apart from that, everyone has been advised to install and use the Aarogya Setu app.

3. The managements of entertainment parks have also been directed to advise vulnerable visitors, like those above 65 years of age, under 10 years of age, or people with comorbidities, to stay at home.

4. Moreover, employees who fall in vulnerable groups have been asked to take extra precautions.

5. Before the activities are resumed, all areas of public utility, work areas and open spaces would have to be sanitised. Once the activities have resumed, such sanitisation drives would have to be carried out regularly.

6.Cleaning and sanitisation of frequently touched surfaces would need to be undertaken daily before the entertainment parks are opened, after the entertainment parks have been closed for the day, and at other �appropriate times�.

7. All hand washing and drinking stations and washrooms, lavatories and showers would have to be cleaned deeply.

8. The parks must have separate covered bins in common areas where staff and visitors would dispose of used face masks and covers.

9. Apart from that, swimming pools in such entertainment parks must remain closed. However, entertainment parks that are water themed or have water rides would have to ensure that standards are followed for regular as well adequate filtration and chlorination of water. The authorities must ensure staggered timing and regulation of the number of visitors on such rides.

10. Theatres would be allowed to function at only 50% of the seating capacity while ensuring that social distancing norms are dduly followed.

11. Entertainment parks must have specific markings on the floor around the premises to ensure social distancing.

12. For queue management inside and outside the premises, the park authorities must deploy enough security personnel.

13. While lockers would be allowed to be in use for staff as well as visitors, the authorities would have to ensure that such areas are regularly disinfected and physical distancing norms are adhered.

14. Planning for the management of the park must factor-in the varied crowd sizes, including the number of visitors expected during peak timings.

15. The parks have been encouraged to adhere to an online ticketing system, and where such provisions are not possible, the parks must ensure that an adequate number of ticketing counters are available for following social distancing norms. Moreover, while the issue of tickets, whether online or offline, parks should distribute a simple do�s and don�ts advisory to the visitors.

16. Parks have also been directed to ensure that the number of tickets sold must be done considering the floor area of the park and the social distancing measures laid down. In regard to this, entry of visitors must also be monitored to ensure that the number of visitors do not exceed or violate the norms laid down.

17. CCTVs would need to be put in place to monitor any crowding.

18. Digital, contactless payments have been encouraged wherever possible.

19. Apart from that, authorities should try to have separate entry and exit points. Entry points must have provisions for thermal screening and hand sanitisers.

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