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Jammu 'prepares' to counter Gupkar Alliance
Posted 22 Oct 2020 01:26 PM

Greater Kashmir


Jammu 'prepares' to counter Gupkar Alliance

October 22, 2020

Showing anger against �Gupkar declaration,� several political, social and religious groups here on Tuesday held a meeting and jointly demanded �separate statehood� for Jammu region.

Though no prominent political party joined the meeting, J&K National Panthers Party (JKNPP), chairman, Harsh Dev Singh said that around 20 political and social organizations participated in the meeting named �Sainik Colony session over Jammu cause�.

The meeting was aimed to �aggressively pursue Jammu statehood cause� and counter Gupkar declaration or Gupkar Alliance.

Singh told that though development and employment was assured after abrogation of Article 370, �Jammu however got nothing thereafter.� �Delhi speaks to Kashmir and Ladakh and Jammu gets sandwiched in between, for the troubles in Kashmir valley despite no fault of Jammuities,� Singh said.

He said: �Statehood to Jammu region is the ultimate solution. For how long Jammu will be punished for �wrongs� in Kashmir? There is no 4G, statehood, employment or development; why we are being punished for wrongs in Kashmir.� He said �Nobody is against any region. Give due share to Kashmir and Ladakh but it should not be at the cost of Jammu region.�

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