This is how vitamin D affects the course of Covid-19 -
This is how vitamin D affects the course of Covid-19
Posted 31 Oct 2020 02:56 PM

Covid -19

The list of symptoms is long: fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and new warning signs are constantly being discovered. There is also repeated talk of vitamin D deficiency. According to studies, the deficiency is not just a symptom, but a decisive influencing factor that can strongly influence the course of the disease.

Vitamin D deficiency and corona: mortality is drastically increased
In a large study from Indonesia, the course of the disease and the vitamin D status of 780 SARS-CoV-2 infected people were examined, reports stated. There was a dramatically increased risk of death with a vitamin D deficiency.

The risk of a fatal outcome with a vitamin D deficiency was 19 times higher than normal vitamin D levels. Confounders such as age, previous illnesses and gender were also taken into account in the study. After adjusting for these disruptive factors, there was still one 10 times higher risk of death for coronavirus infected people with vitamin D deficiency.

Another study shows that a vitamin D deficiency basically has serious consequences for the human body.

Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of life-threatening disease
As the German press agency In another study, 212 COVID-19 patients were divided into groups based on the severity of their illness (mild, average, severe, critical) and the vitamin D values ??of the patients were determined.

A life-threatening course was in low serum vitamin D 23 times more often than compared to normal values.

Vitamin D against Covid-19
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends vitamin D for the prevention of respiratory diseases. Groen meta-analyzes show that vitamin D supplementation reduces the risk of acute respiratory diseases by up to 70 percent in people with a low baseline vitamin D status. COVID-19 is also an acute respiratory disease.

Vitamin D is mainly absorbed from the sun. In a pinch, preparations can also be used. But not all vitamin D supplements are helpful: 15 of 20 tested products failed the knockout test.

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