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Teddy Day 2021: Here's Why the Occasion is Celebrated
Posted 10 Feb 2021 01:56 PM


Teddy Day 2021: Here's Why the Occasion is Celebrated


Teddy Day is here and we are already deep into the Valentine�s week frenzy, soaking in the love. Celebrating the fourth significant day of the romantic week, lovebirds exchange teddy bears to make one another feel special on February 10. What could be more adorable than gifting or being gifted with adorable, mushy-eyed soft teddy toys. Frankly speaking, just like cards, chocolates, flowers; teddies never go out of fashion, and still continue to be evergreen. Embodiment of pure, heart-warming love and care, Teddy Day derives its name from the US President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt. The soft toy was created to show how happily his decision, to not kill animal during one of his hunting trips, was welcomed. In his honour, this soft toy was designed.

Why gift teddy on this day?
Gifting teddies has an inherent charm, an inexplicable innocence embedded in it. It is cuddle-worthy, soft, and a tangible gift item that will never dry away like flowers. You can have it with you for years, being reminded of your beloved all the time.

Colour significance:
i. Red teddy signifies the passion, the love you wish to convey. It is meant to strengthen the emotional intensity in a relationship.
ii. Pink teddy is gifted when you wish to seek acceptance of your proposal. If your special person accepts it, then that would mean your feelings have been reciprocated.
iii. Orange teddy is gifted to indicate the prospect of a proposal. Orange being the colour of joy, positivity, good vibe -- if you are gifted an orange teddy, it would mean that your are soon going to be proposed.
iv. Blue teddy gift goes on to show how deeply and madly one is in love with the partner. It shows how lucky one feels to share the love.
v. Green teddy is gifted to express the intense emotional connection and commitment. It means regardless of what happens, one would wait for the other.

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