Fashion designing as career option -
Fashion designing as career option
Posted 03 Jan 2017 02:48 PM

What is Fashion Designing?
Fashion designing is an art of designing clothing and accessories to adore the natural beauty of human body. They attempt to produce unique designs for clothing and the accessories which fulfil both as a functional garment and of aesthetical value. This kind of designing methods and types of materials may be influenced by the environmental conditions of the place. Their main technique of this application is based upon designing clothes to be worn for special events with suitable choice of colour and style. The most common special occasions where these dresses are worn include parties, weddings, etc.

Career in Fashion Designing:
Choosing a career in fashion designing should be a long term project in one’s life and it is one of the best paying industry today. Though this is a tough place to survive with extreme competition, the scale of its scope and opportunities never drop down. There is the choice of joining some fashion designing companies; manufacturing or export units for a paid job or design clothes to sell them in one’s own boutique. The most common areas of job spaces for people with fashion designing background are fashion research, designing and production of cloths and textiles designing.
Fashion designing involves creation of new designs for garments and accessories to meet the needs of the people with the change of trend. This comes under the part of market research. The scope of fashion design does not limit to designing clothes and garments, it can cover wider areas of design in the field of jewellery, accessories, footwear, luggage, etc. Since the fashion industry is an ever growing field of economy and its growth is the proof of the ever expanding opportunities in fashion industry.This is one of all time favorite career option after 12th for creative people.

Jobs in Fashion Designing:
The career in fashion designing starts as a trainee designer after the completion of respective courses and later enters into higher stages of fashion industry. The basic instinct of artistic nature, creative mind with excellent talent in making sketches and a good sense of choosing colours suitable for the need, etc., are the necessary attributes for an aspiring fashion designer. To explain the role of designers in this career, some job profiles of several posts of work in fashion design are given below:

Fashion Designers:
They are the key players in the fashion industry as they are responsible for creating new products with new designs and styles that suits the trend prevailing in the market. Salaries and earning are huge provide you are creative and understand market needs.It is one of the best paying jobs.

Fashion Coordinators:
These people are not actually related with the designing itself rather they are responsible for taking care of marketing policies and its arrangements. They supervise various activities of fashion industries like that of advertisement of their products, organizing fashion shows, etc.

Fashion Illustrator:
This person is the running hand of the ideas and mental creations of the designer. This person makes the primary sketches of what the designer explain and put it into shape.

Fashion Stylist:
This part of job is totally related to maintaining the look and beauty of the show organized at the fashion shows or any promotional programs. They take care of things like make up, hair style, dress codes, etc, to give the best look of the show.

Fashion Designing Courses in India:
Fashion designing courses are easily available across the world and in India also. There are many institutes across the country providing short term as well as long term courses in fashion designing. The duration of the course may vary between 1 to 3 years depending on the choice of course structure. Some of popular fashion designing courses in India are:
B.Sc- Fashion Designing and Apparel Designing Jewellery designing & Management Interior Designing
B.Des- Bachelor of Design
B.Ftech- Bachelor of Fashion Technology
Diploma in Computer aided Fashioning Designing
Top Fashion Designing Institutes in India:
Some of the top fashion designing institutes in India includes:
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) having campuses in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gandhinagar, Bangalore,Mohal
National institute of Design(NID) campuses in Delhi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad,
APEEJAY institute of Design Delhi,
Pearl Academy of Fashion(PAF) Delhi,
Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore,
JD Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi, Mumbai,
IIFT Indian institute of fashion Technology Bangalore,

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