The Yuva Rajput Sabha will shortly have a new president. -
The Yuva Rajput Sabha will shortly have a new president.
Posted 26 Apr 2023 12:24 PM



JAMMU, April 25: The official procedure for electing a new President of the Yuva Rajput Sabha is ongoing.
Rajan Singh Happy informed the media representatives present today, members of the Core Committee, and the Yuva Rajput Sabha's current president that the new President of the Sabha will be named as soon as the existing process was over. Rajan Singh Happy acknowledged that there had been a failed attempt to undermine the unity of the Yuva Rajput Sabha in order to acquire control of it in response to a query from the media on the current issue inside the state body and core committee of the Yuva Rajput Sabha. "However, I can state with pride that they utterly failed. a unified Yuva Rajput Sabha is united and will remain united,” he claimed. Mr Happy informed media persons that on the occasion of death anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh, which falls on April 26, Yuva Rajput Sabha has decided to organize a program at Maharaja Hari Singh Park to pay tribute to the Maharaja and remember his contribution to the history of India and Jammu and Kashmir. Rajinder Singh, Chief Patron, YRS, threw light on the life history of Maharaja Hari Singh who had introduced several reforms, including the establishment of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank and the first university in the state. “Maharaja Hari Singh played most important role in the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with India, for which Jammu and Kashmir will always be indebted to him,” he added.
Raghubir Singh, Chairman, YRS, also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the contribution of Maharaja Hari Singh.
The YRS Core Committee members and others, who were present in the press conference, included Mohan Singh, Rajveer Singh, Rajeev Singh, Advocate Pushvinder Singh, Mukesh Singh, Mandeep Singh, Rajeev Singh, Sanjay Singh, Vishal Singh, Sanju Singh, Sunil Singh, Raghubir Singh and Sandeep Singh.

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