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Kashmir: A new dawn, A new era
Posted 28 Jul 2023 02:52 PM


After 30 years of unrest, conflicts, and darkness Kashmir is seeing new light of day through peace and harmony.

Muharram was celebrated on the streets of Srinagar this Thursday. The traditional route from the Guru Bazaar area to Dalgate was open after 30 years for Muharram processions and, one could see the Shia community on the streets mourning the sacrifices of their gods.

Thanks to the central government, the community, and L.G Manoj Sinha, the dark days of Kashmir seem to be the days of the past, and a new vision is arising for its people. L.G. also said 'that street violence had ended in Kashmir, and people were breathing freely'. The people were disciplined, and there was no violence or incidents that took place. This marked a historical day in the 33 years of Kashmir and its people, this time toward peace and stability.

There has been immense growth in the economy of the city due to the number of tourists visiting the city, which has increased greatly. Last year itself, the number of tourists that visited was 1.6 crore, the highest in the last three decades, and the numbers have only been increasing ever since. The locals have made it such that tourists feel incredibly safe there, the locals being very helpful and accommodating.

It is said that there is 'Rahat, Aman, Sukoon' in Kashmir now. The work done by the Central government and the L.G. of the state has immensely benefited the locals and has brought a lot of opportunities for the youth. It's been too long since Kashmir was burning, there is finally hope in the hearts of people rising like the dawn of the day.

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