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Terrorist, 5 police assistants beat a border policeman unconscious
Posted 27 Sep 2023 12:36 PM


The Jammu and Kashmir police on Wednesday claimed to have arrested one Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist and his five associates, including two women and a youth, who were allegedly involved in a cross-border attack.
Baramulla SSP Amog Nagpure said police arrested a LeT terrorist and five associates from Baramulla and found a huge cache of arms and ammunition, including grenades and pistols.
"The arrest process began when two suspects were arrested in Uri in September. Nagpure said that two women and a youth were also among the five arrested accomplices of the terrorists. The chain of events that led to this revelation began with the arrest of two suspects people in Uri on September 14. Zaid Hassan Malla and Muhammad Arif Channa were caught passing a police checkpoint. Little did the authorities know that this encounter would reveal a complex network involved in the smuggling of weapons and ammunition across the border.
While searching the arrested, the police found a cache of weapons, including pistols, pistol magazines, silencers, Chinese grenades and pistol cartridges. Two Baramulla men have confessed to being involved in an arms smuggling operation organized by Pakistani terrorists. Their task was to facilitate the distribution of weapons to Letterrorists to carry out terrorist acts. As the investigation progressed, the police became aware of a wider conspiracy. Publicizing those arrested led to more arrests. The arms supply chain appeared to extend far beyond Baramulla, with tentacles extending to other areas.
The investigation continued to dismantle the network, causing the arrest of two women, Nigeena and Aafreena, associated with the terrorists. Hand grenades were confiscated from their property. Four OGW houses were raided in Udhampur, Jammu

Jammu: The National Investigation Agency (SIA) on Tuesday raided four residences of overland workers (OGWs) in Udhampur and Jammu. These agents allegedly passed on information, including photographs of vital facilities, to Pakistan's ISI and terror outfits using mobile apps and Whatsapp. O.C

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