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Diwali party at Kupwara sanctuary following 75 years
Posted 14 Nov 2023 12:53 PM


In a notable festival, Teetwal village in Kupwara locale saw the gleam of earthen lights at the Mata Sharda Devi sanctuary, denoting the first Diwali celebrations in quite a while, as per the Save Sharda Panel. Ravinder Pandita, top of the board, communicated bliss at the recovery of Diwali festivities, underscoring that the sanctuary's recreation along the Line of Control (LoC) had reestablished a practice going back seventy years. The Mata Sharda Devi sanctuary, introduced on Walk 22 after the broad redesign, facilitated petitions to God as a feature of the Diwali merriments. Pandita passed the meaning of reestablishing the sanctuary on to its previous greatness, repeating festivities suggestive of the pre-1947 time.

Open Sharda Peeth: Board of trustees

The public authority ought to open Sharda Peeth on the lines of Kartarpur Sahib. Ravinder Pandita, head of the Save Sharda board of trustees

In one more clamoring region, Kumaar Mohalla in Ganderbal locale, the musical murmur of ovens reverberated as potter Noor Muhammad Kumar and his partners enthusiastically created 10,000 earthen lights for Deepavali. The interest flooded from past the state, mirroring an increase in Diwali festivities among jawans, traveler workers and Hindu families in Kashmir. The developing Diwali intensity has prompted the redesign of a few sanctuaries across the Valley throughout the course of recent years, making ready for unique petitions and celebrations.

The resurgence of Deepavali festivities has started a flood of sanctuary redesigns across the Valley throughout the course of recent years. In spite of Kashmir's little Hindu populace, the rising cooperation in Deepavali festivities is reshaping the social scene. Ravinder Pandita, while luxuriating in the Diwali soul, likewise engaged the public authority to return Sharda Peeth, drawing a line up with the Kartarpur Sahib drive.

"This is our solicitation to the public authority that Sharda Peeth gets open like Kartarpur Sahib," Pandita encouraged. Sharda Peeth, an old and loved sanctuary situated in Sharda town along the Neelum waterway, has been reproduced by the Save Sharda Council. The sanctuary's restoration, alongside a Sikh gurdwara, looks to reignite extremely old journeys to Sharda Peeth in Pakistan-involved Kashmir (PoK). Teetwal, generally a journey course to Sharda Peeth, stopped in 1948 after ancestral strikes and parcels. The new Diwali festivities mean a restoration of customs as well as a reviving of social and strict ties in the locale, as confirmed by the recreation of the Mata Sharda Devi sanctuary and its part in the more extensive endeavors driven by the Save Sharda Board.

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