Various career options for non engineering graduates -
Various career options for non engineering graduates
Posted 04 Jan 2017 11:45 AM

Even though our country is developing everyday, the career stereotypes in India still prevail.It is believed that there’s no other ‘safer’ career option than engineering, medical or law. However, this is not at all true. People believe that career is only restricted to the above three fields.But,there are various career options for non-engineering graduates as well.
There is no such thing as fixed job security. Every career path is full of insecurities and challenges. So, the non engineering graduates stand at the same pedestal as the engineering graduates.

To guide you through this, following are a few career options for non-engineering graduates :-

One can always enter the field of sales and marketing.It is extremely lucrative, and a creative job, for you have to brainstorm on ideas regarding marketing and selling of different products and services. A non engineering graduate can directly enter this field after graduation.
However, to attain a much more better job in this field, one can go for MBA in sales and marketing, and then look for a job.

If you’re a non engineering graduate and can’t decide a job for yourself, management is the best option by far. After MBA, you gain complete knowledge about the business world , and are more than fit for jobs in Finance, marketing, HR, operations international business, etc.

Many media houses have opened up, and a graduate who goes for mass comm. or journalism or advertising, can easily get a job there and make a career out of it.One can work as columnist, reporter , anchor, radio jockey ,etc.Many universities offer such courses , and the earning in this sector are highly lucrative too.

Non engineering graduates can also go for professional courses such as CA/CFA/CWA/CS that are offered by various institutes.Once a person pursues them, he/she can work in banks , MNCs , corporate houses, industries, etc.The salary is pretty high in these fields , for such professionals are very much required in today’s super competitive economic scenario.

Social work is a field that has a lot of potential for startups , and graduates can even involve themselves with NGO that are involved for betterment of social conditions. One can directly enter into this field after graduation, or can opt for courses offered by different institutions.

Travel and tourism is an ever-growing industry. With its expansion year by year, this field is very lucrative and job opportunities are high in it.Many private institutes offer courses in this field. One can join travel agencies, airlines, hotels, hotels,etc. How flourished you are depends on the customer satisfaction.

Baking and finance are an ever in demand field.Many insurance companies offer jobs to graduates , just after graduation.Jobs in this sector include Clerk, auditing, Development officer, accountant, etc. One can even clear papers in banking , to get a higher post and kick-start their career.

Web designing and animation are a big hit these days, because of the IT revolution taking place in our country.You can set up your own business , or work with companies providing services in this field. Every business requires computer professionals in one way or the other.

Every business needs content for various purposes. A non engineering graduate can enter into this field directly after graduation , and get a job in media houses, travel agencies, corporate houses, etc.For technical content writing, one needs a training of about 6 months, after which they are fit for the job.

Apart from jobs in above mentioned sectors, one can always become an entrepreneur.All that needs is motivation, a killer idea and some capital to start with. Creating something of your own is the best thing to do.

You can be anything you wish to be.Non engineering graduates have as much potential to make a good career , as an engineering graduate.

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