Guide to a healthy living -
Guide to a healthy living
Posted 04 Jan 2017 12:50 PM

Health is, and rightly should be, a matter of great concern for everyone. And a book on this vital subject by a renowned scientist-author on the pathways to healthy and happy living is certainly of deep interest for one and all. The author of this book, Dr Gopal Krishan Gupta, a Jammuite with expertise and experience has given key solutions through scientific knowledge, practices and habits for healthful life.

As the very title of the book suggest, it is all about the scientific information made available to the readers in 21 detailed chapters dealing with different aspects of healthy habits and keeping away the diseases through preventive and protective measures.
Dr Gupta has certainly done a praise-worthy job as it is difficult to write on health related issues in a language which is easily understood by the common man. So, this is really a great service to the society as this book will create awareness for healthful life in simple language, aided by graphics and illustrations. It is, in fact, a guide-book for ready reference.
Useful Clues
The most important health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cancer as also some other ailments have elaborately been dealt with giving useful preventive as also some clues like promotional health tips. It is significant that the author has made a strong plea for adoption of Yoga for physical, mental and spiritual development in a simple but sure way.
The first chapter is devoted to details of human body, “ walk for health” is second chapter giving due importance to “ Yoga and Pranayam”. The other major issues are given scientific and holistic treatment in the 21 chapters of this book by Dr Gupta. The importance of balanced diet, safe drinking water, clean environ, common diseases with causes and prevention, problems of old-age, management of stress and also adoption of safety measures are the issues discussed in simple language. Rightly, the stress has been laid on the walking, regular yoga exercises, avoidance of junk food, smoking, liquor, drug addiction and so on. A significant feature is that references have been quoted in each chapter for further study by the readers.
Handy Guide Book
In his Foreword to this book, Dr Jitendra Singh, (reputed Diabettologist from Jammu and now Minister of State in PMO) has expressed good word for Dr Gopal Krishan Gupta and stated that writing on health issues in a language understandable by common man is not everyone’s forte. He added “this book, I am sure, will come handy to successive generations”.
The Author’s Note by Dr Gopal Krishan Gupta opines “ one should be born healthy, live healthy by keeping the body and mind fit through yoga and pranayam, exercises and breathe in pure and pollution-free air, eat balanced and healthy diet, living in the present moment, keep the mind controlled and still, pray to the almighty and die healthy and peacefully. This is real mantra of living a healthy, blissful and gleeful life.”
Scientific Approach
In a write-up in the “ Mantra for Good Health”, the noted columnist Dr B L Bhat opines that some vital aspects of living have been given scientific treatment in this book.
This voluminous book holds key to main crucial issues related to healthful living. The publishers have done a good work in fine product with quality printing and keeping its price at moderate level. The writer, Dr Gupta has rendered a singular service to the society and made addition to literature.
Born and brought up in Jammu region, Dr Gupta has worked in the Regional Research Laboratory, Jammu ( now IIIM of CSIR). He did his Ph.D from University of Jammu in 1978 and superannuated in October, 1999. He has contributed research articles, participated in various conferences and remained associated with professional organizations. After retirement, he devoted to writing this book and now is engaged in writing another book.
This book under review is on a topic of vast public importance and written in a simple, direct and comprehensive way. It concerns everybody as health is a subject matter in which everyone is deeply interested. The importance of this book is all the more for youth, students, academicians, health authorities and in fact all the citizens.

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