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'Prayas', a club formed to undertake social work activities by involving students and teachers of DPS jammu
Posted 04 Jan 2017 05:23 PM

Prayas - Foundation
'Prayas', a club formed to undertake social work activities by involving students and teachers in several community outreach programs, is the brain child of our Hon'ble Pro- Vice Chairperson , DPS Jammu, Kunwrani Ritu Singh ji, who has always been a beacon of hope and inspiration in continually rousing and reminding us of the great responsibility we owe towards the under privileged and our nation, in the same way we think about our own children.
As it is highly important to maintain humility to remain balanced and grounded, our motive is to prepare students who are not only academically bright but are also good human beings. Adolescence is the right age when this training can be practically imparted. Through the socially useful and productive activities carried out by the school we can mold them into any desirable shape we wish to, so that they lead their lives successfully, while serving their nation selflessly.

Prayas — An Overview
Some of the activities undertaken by the Prayas club have been - Visit to old age home, Street Plays & skits on social issues , production and display of documentary films, Charity drives ,awareness programs. Large number of students, parents and teachers are involved in these activities, with the main focus being on our students – the visionaries of tomorrow, who are groomed into becoming compassionate and socially responsible human beings .
The Direct Beneficiaries of the program have largely been the inmates of old age homes, orphanages and local communities in and around Jammu. Prior to undertaking any visit or conducting any nature of program, the students are sensitized to the needs to the beneficiaries who may be the old and the infirm, children with special needs, masses in general , especially youth needing awareness on important issues. They are also informed about social ills and crimes existing in the present times with special regard to safety and security of young women .Generally before visiting any institution, the information about the needs and requirements of the inmates living there are ascertained and then these are fulfilled as a part of the Prayas's charity drive. The children are involved in presenting cultural programs, preparing hand-made cards and hand- crafted items for different occasions, poetry recitation, story-telling, in addition to enriching interactions with people 'on the other side of the platform'.
It is what one could call an overall successful and soulful experience which leaves both the children and their communities better connected, deeply emotional and lot more contended.

Later, as the volunteers share their experience with others in and outside the school and community, the vision of Prayas is carried forward , inspiring several others to follow suit in the mission to build a better tomorrow.

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