Your Guide To Wearing A Denim Jacket -
Your Guide To Wearing A Denim Jacket
Posted 10 Jan 2017 01:00 PM

1. Fifties Shirts: Stay relaxed with these comfortable and airy shirts. Combine with a pair of baggy trouser for that classic summer look.

2. Baggy Trousers: Designers adopted loosened-up shapes to put baggy trousers in a prime position in menswear. Try this trend this season.

3. Backpacks: The boring old backpack has been transformed into a stylish must have accessory by designers. Sleek and smart, it is a natural fit for the office. Surprisingly, it is also useful for treks.

4. Caps: Inspired by baseball players, these have evolved to hardy caps made of leather and suede. Goes equally well with denim as much as your weekend suits.

5. Cuban Collar: Go retro with the stylish Cuban collar. Inspired by America of the 1950's, cuban collars add a dash of style to your summer clothing. Light summer colored shirts help complete the sharp finish.

6. Grey Colour: Grey is a dull colour but looks good in the bright sunlight. Combine with different grey clothing to create a lasting effect.

7. Racing Wear: Look fast and snappy with wear inspired by automobile racing. The unique style will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

8. Distressed Denims: A rage among celebrities, this style finally trickled down to the masses. The lived-in look is exciting and suits everyone.

9. Sailor/ Navy Shirts: Embrace the sailor look with a casual sailor shirt. Pair it with chinos or baggy shorts for a warm summer day.

10. Last June, Spring/Summer 2016 collections on the runway brought back 50s inspired shirts, cuban collars and nautical prints for the hotter months. Now, we know that you weren't paying attention to what the biggest trends would be this summer so, here's a guide that will help you navigate the biggest menswear trends this season.

White Chinos: The white chino displays a relaxed urbane attire. Made of pure cotton fabric, chinos ensure you remain cool on even the hottest days. Pair it with white sneakers and a pastel summer blazer for a toned down look but if you want to flaunt the same in office, replace those sneakers with leather ones and a formal blazer.

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