Agenda of Alliance is now just a paper -
Agenda of Alliance is now just a paper
Posted 03 Feb 2017 11:00 AM


The way the curtains fell on the Budget session, ahead of schedule on Wednesday, has delivered an unmistakably clear message that the ruling PDP-BJP coalition has no respect for the Agenda of Alliance and the governance that it promised.
During this part of the year in 2015, brainstorming sessions were on between the BJP and the PDP to shape something innovative to tackle governance deficit in this trouble-torn state. The idea behind scripting the Agenda of Alliance was to take the state on path of development, political stability and harmony by seeking dialogue with all stakeholders.
Today, the state is sitting quite opposite to what had been promised in the Agenda of Alliance.
Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti should have put her “anti-national” charge against the opponents of Article 370 that grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir in a proper context. There are forces working in mainland India against the special status of Kashmir for they always believe that this is a big barrier in integration of the state with the rest of the country. She wanted to take on these elements, and she did when she said: “There could be nothing more anti-national than talking against Article 370”.
Mehbooba misses no chance in acknowledging the supremacy of the Agenda of Alliance and swears by it at all forums. Here, she could have recalled point number 10 of the document, which says: “While recognising the different positions and appreciating the perceptions the BJP and the PDP have on the constitutional status of J&K, considering the political and legislative realities, the present position will be maintained on all constitutional provisions pertaining to J&K, including the special status in the Constitution of India.”
This makes it clear that there is no scope for any confusion.
There, however, is logic in her use of “anti-national” phraseology for all those opposing Article 370. After a long and violent spell of unrest in Kashmir in 2016, she had nothing in her government’s kitty to show as her achievement. The measuring scale is noticeably tilting negatively. She had to make a political statement to shroud the governance deficit. That she did by the high-pitched political defence of Article 370 and warning the opponents of the special status that their petitions in courts could give mischief mongers in the Valley a chance to create trouble.
Her predecessor and arch-rival Omar Abdullah had provoked her by asking: “Show me a single achievement of the coalition government? He had also magnified challenges the special status faced through a litany of petitions in courts.
To a large extent these fears were becoming a major factor for separatists exploiting anti-India sentiment to prepare the sentimental people of Kashmir for another round of agitation. Such agitations impact negatively Kashmir as also the nation.
Politically, the unrest so caused shows that people were angry about the Indian rule in Kashmir. And the violence in streets begets counter violence by the law-enforcing agencies.
The horror of the pellet guns used in 2016 is written everywhere, evoking hate sentiment against the nation. This also results in censuring of the nation at the international level, as was seen last year.
Perhaps, she was cautioning the anti-Article 370 elements that such a scenario would delight the troublemakers, and it would be traced to their legal petitions in courts. She had a point. But here she and the BJP forgot the Agenda of Alliance. Their respective compulsions have yet again drowned the chances of revival of governance, already in the Intensive Care Unit, in the state. The essence of the Agenda of Alliance —- good governance —- is almost dead

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