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Tata Motors Unveils New Sub-Brand TAMO
Posted 03 Feb 2017 12:02 PM

Tata Motors presented its new passenger vehicle strategy and introduced its new sub-brand - TAMO. While yes, it is short for Tata Motors, the company calls it the Tata's Future Mobility. TAMO will act as an incubating centre of innovation towards new technologies, business models and partnerships in order to define future mobility solutions. Tata Motors also announced that it will bring in two brand new car platforms, which will be scalable in nature.
It's a new, separated vertical and will operate in the first step on a low volume, low investment model to provide fast tracked proves of technologies and concepts. This means that Tata Motors will be able to attend to the demand of the market faster. TAMO will act as an open platform to network with global start-ups and leading tech companies, to get access to trends, innovations and solutions, for the design of exciting future products and services.

Speaking on the announcement, Guenter Butschek, MD & CEO, Tata Motors, said, "Our game plan addresses six themes - top-line improvement, cost management, structural improvements, customer centricity, new mobility solutions and organizational effectiveness. To secure our future in a rapidly changing environment, the advanced mobility solutions space is of utmost importance. The introduction of TAMO will help us to co-design India's automotive footprint by taking new technologies and mobility concepts as a new ecosystem to market."
So, let's get a few things clear. The products sold under the TAMO sub-brand will not have separate dealerships, but according to Guenter Butschek, it promises to have a renewed service experience. Tata Motors is aiming to be amongst the top 3 passenger vehicles manufacturer by 2019, in India and this will mean a considerable amount of cars pouring out.

The first product developed by TAMO will premiere at the upcoming 87th Geneva International Motor Show on March 7, 2017 and this is where we'll get a glimpse of what's in store for us from this sub-brand. While the company plans to bring innovation and mobility solutions in a cost effective manner, it will see the emergence of a whole new platform. In fact, there'll be only two to be precise and both of which will be put into use in India by 2018.

Mayank Pareek, President, PV Business, Tata Motors, said, "Our strategy is to deliver 7-8 product variants from two platforms, for greater coverage and sizable economies of scale. Our new architectural approach supports our effort to reduce complexity, enables future technologies and ensures global relevance. We have mapped technology solutions in key areas such as powertrain systems, ADAS and enhanced connectivity to our future product portfolio and have defined the application framework. Our goal is not to just comply with the emerging regulations but be ahead of the requirement."

With the emergence of new vehicles and platforms, we will also see innovation in the field of powertrains and this means the company will foray into the hybrid and electric powertrain segment. Dr. Tim Leverton, President and Head Advanced and Product Engineering, Tata Motors, said, "With TAMO, we are starting a new era. The idea is to find new and agile ways of innovating and experimenting. Our success in this new mobility world will be contingent to our ability to network globally and to partner with new thought leaders. Our focus will be to scout for new technologies and to explore opportunities at the innovation hubs across the globe and to work with start-ups in the new spaces. Since this requires a different way of thinking, we will apply within TAMO also, new ways of working because leadership is all about time to market."

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