Delegation of Jammu Pvt schools calls on Education Minister -
Delegation of Jammu Pvt schools calls on Education Minister
Posted 08 Feb 2017 10:53 AM

Jammu : A five members delegation of Jammu Pvt Schools & ETT Institutes Association (Progressive), called on Education Minister and demanded consensus based reforms in School Education Department.
The delegation also submitted a detailed memorandum to the minister highlighting some facts with regard to the private schools in Jammu and Kashmir, which were categorized into four types
While elaborating, the delegation said that low budget rural State Board affiliated schools are being run by the academicians’ missionary zeal, supported by their educated family members and a little outer support. “On one hand working of Government sponsored schools is almost paralyzed due to so many political and administrative reasons, the low budget private rural area schools are giving far better results despite having low enrollment and low fee structure. These schools are unable to recruit fairly paid teaching staff and maintaining the needed infrastructure and the Government should come forward to help these schools,” the delegation explained.
Giving the reference of failure of twenty five years old no detention policy for students up to class 8th, the delegation said that for a meaningful outcome, wide ranged debates of public, stakeholders, academicians, Govt representatives and literate section of elected representatives should be considered. “No doubt, State Government is keen and sensitive enough for needed reforms in School Education but this exercise must be based on debates based road map for a fruitful outcome otherwise, any inadequate initiative can once again lead to multiple confusions,” the delegation explained.
The minister was also appealed to consider the viable initiatives for a wide ranged outcome of the proposed reforms without any egoistic or one sided approach in the best interest of the State and its young generations.
The minister gave a patient hearing to the delegation and said that the Government would go through the memorandum minutely for acting on the suggestions.

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