Is Oculus working on a VR glove? Mark Zuckerberg’s post sure suggests so -
Is Oculus working on a VR glove? Mark Zuckerberg’s post sure suggests so
Posted 10 Feb 2017 04:44 PM

Oculus, the Facebook-owned virtual reality lab, is working on a VR glove, reveals a post by the social network’s founder CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The post was made after Zuckerberg visited the Oculus Research lab in Redmond, Washington. “I just visited our Oculus Research lab in Redmond, Washington where some of the best scientists and engineers in the world are pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality,” he said in the bost.

The post talked about how the team led by Michael Abrash was working on “advanced optics, eye tracking, mixed reality and new ways to map the human body”. Zuckerberg wrote that the goal was to make VR and AR what we all want it to be: “glasses small enough to take anywhere, software that lets you experience anything, and technology that lets you interact with the virtual world just like you do with the physical one”.

However, the one image that has captured attention most if that of Zuckerberg trying out a VR glove with what seems to be a Spiderman game. “We’re working on new ways to bring your hands in virtual and augmented reality. Wearing these gloves, you can draw, type on a virtual keyboard, and even shoot webs like Spider Man. That’s what I’m doing here,” he explained in the photo.

He also shared photos of a Diamond Turning Lab which is used to cut metal with a gemstone quality diamond with 5-axis CNC milling machine. Zuckerberg invest in the Menlo Park-based Oculus in 2014 for US$ 2,300,000,000 in cash and stock. Oculus also powers Samsung Galaxy VR, which makes it the most poplular VR manufacturers in the world.

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