New four-in-one pill found to treat hypertension -
New four-in-one pill found to treat hypertension
Posted 11 Feb 2017 05:25 PM

New Delhi: Scientists have found a new low dose of four-in-one pill which can be quite helpful in treating hypertension patients.

Every patient on the pilot trial conducted by The George Institute for Global Health in Australia saw their blood levels drop to normal levels in just four weeks.

Recognising the need to check whether trial results were "too good to be true", the researchers also completed a systematic review of past trials, including 36 trials with 47,500 patients testing single and dual quarter-dose therapy.

This previous evidence also indicated little or no side effects with very low doses, and important benefits with three or four drug combinations.

Professor Clara Chow, of The George Institute, said the results were exciting but larger trials were still needed to see if these high rates could be maintained and repeated diseases hiding in plain sight. This ultimately means we will be able to deliver life changing medications much more quickly, and more affordably," Chow said.

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