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Few health benefits of Himalayan salt
Posted 15 Feb 2017 01:36 PM

Himalayan salt is the best as it contains around 92% of trace minerals. As it is unrefined, unpolluted and unprocessed, this pink salt is considered a healthier option than the regular salt.

It also offers many health benefits to our bodies.

Here are some health benefits of the Himalayan salt which we should know:

Being a rich source of minerals, this salt helps in improving the nerve conductivity and communication. It also helps in relieving stress and tension within the body. However, one should make sure that they do not have more than two teaspoons of salt daily.

If you are trying to lose weight then, replace regular table salt with Himalayan salt. As the pink salt will helps improve the muscle function and strength.

This salt also helps to improve our oral health by gargling with it. Doing so with the Himalayan salt, it helps to clear up lung congestion and excessive mucus, if you suffer from cold and cough.
As Himalayan salt contains good amount of iodine content, it is good for people who are suffering from goitre. As the salt is also rich in iron, anaemics are advised to include it in their diet.

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