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9 Tips For Saving More at the Grocery Store
Posted 25 Nov 2016 05:30 PM

Making your money go further at the grocery store doesn't have to mean traveling to multiple stores or spending hours trying find every hidden deal. Here are some simple tips for shopping smarter at the store.

Don't Overbuy
Whether you're cooking for a big group or just yourself, overbuying is easy to do at the store (especially if you go shopping hungry!). Before you pay, double check your cart to make sure you're not getting things you don't really need.

Take Advantage of Sales
If you have kitchen space to spare, stocking up on non-perishables and frozen or freezable items when they are on sale can be a great way to save on groceries.

Compare Prices
Compare prices of the items that grocery stores feature more prominently with the items on the upper and lower shelves. Most stores stock the most expensive items where they're easy to grab and go. A simple scan up and down could knock some dollars off your total.

Use Grocery Apps
Grocery apps and online coupons will help you save major money at the store.

Share Bulk Items
It especially makes sense to buy dry goods in bulk, but always remember to check unit prices to ensure the bigger items actually cost less. For things with expiration dates, consider splitting the cost with a friend or roommate.

Think Ahead to Leftovers
Buy food that allows you to make dishes that keep well, or maybe even taste better the day after they're made.

Buy Store Brands
Consider narrowing the price comparison process to your favorite brand and its store brand equivalent. When you've discovered the store brand to be lower in price, take it home and test it out.

Skip the Nongrocery Items
Health and beauty products tend to be cheaperat bigger retailers, like Target, or drug stores.

Check Your Receipt For Errors
Check your receipts after buying groceries, but also keep your eye on the scanner for errors as your items go through it. It's much easier than trying to prove that you've been charged for two of an item when you only walked out with one.

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