Lynk & Co want to sell cars in a different way -
Lynk & Co want to sell cars in a different way
Posted 20 Feb 2017 12:25 PM

A new crop of manufacturers has evolved in the recent years, who want to do things differently. While most of them concentrate on manufacturing out-of-the-box products, a few are trying to make the whole car buying experience a delight. One such upcoming manufacturer is the China based Geely-owned Lynk & Co, who is trying to change the way people view and buy cars.

Launched in 2016, Lynk & Co hasn't launched any car as of now, but has created a lot of buzz in the market, thanks to its innovative ways of selling the car. In one such recent announcement, Lynk & Co has decided to do away with model year designations and instead, launch different colours based on the season, much like the fashion industry.

So like in Summers, there will be lighter shades and in Winters, there will be darker shades. Though, we are not sure about the Spring and Autumn seasons. Lynk & Co’s senior vice president, Alain Visser said, “My strong belief was, and still is, if you create a new car brand, do things differently. That doesn't mean everything that's been done over the last 100 years is wrong, but I think there's room for something else."

This is not the first time Lynk & Co has decided to do things differently and has already announced their products won’t have traditional model names. Instead, the firm will use numbers for its new models, like the Lynk 01, then Lynk 02, and so on. Since the car is aimed at the Millennials, Alain Visser thinks, it will be easier to make the audience connect with the features and not engage much in name game and model year updates.

Visser says, Millenials are interested in connectivity and wants to integrate transportation into their lives without the hassle of owning a vehicle. Hence, Lynk & Co will offer ownership via a subscription-based model with no down payment. Lynk & Co will also follow a direct-to-consumer sales business model, like we have seen in the case of Tesla.

This, according to the company, “will reduce distribution costs for the consumer”. Once purchased, vehicles will be delivered to the owner's home and with a ‘pick up and drop’ facility for servicing needs. All-in-all, Lynk & Co is trying to change the face of buying experience of a customer and is the new form of doing the automotive business.

As told earlier, the Lynk & Co 01 is the first model to arrive later this year from the Chinese-owned, Volvo-backed car brand. The mid-sized, tech-laden SUV is said to be “the most connected car to date”. The model will be designed and engineered in Sweden, and will be based on the modular architecture shared with Volvo’s forthcoming XC40.

Expect the cars by Lynk & Co to be showcased at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show in April this year.

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