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2017 KTM 390 Duke: 5 Things You Can Do With Colour TFT Display
Posted 25 Feb 2017 12:10 PM

KTM’s Duke range is out, and the family has just gotten bigger. There’s a new 250 Duke that slots between the 200 Duke and 390 Duke. The smallest of the lot gets negligible updates while the 250 borrows styling cues, side-mounted exhaust and slipper clutch from the 390. The best of features are still reserved for the 390, which gets ride-by-wire, adjustable brake and clutch levers, split LED headlights and a segment first, a 5-inch colour TFT display. Here are five things the screen allows you to do.

1. Variable Font Size For Speedometer
The colour TFT display has most of the right side reserved for the usual information, such as the tachometer, trip meter, odometer fuel gauge and speedometer. As you keep going faster and faster, it gets more and more difficult to read the speedometer as you can’t afford to take your eyes off the tarmac. The TFT display on this KTM increases the font size of the speedometer gradually as you go past 80kmph to make it easier to read quickly, even as you’re picking up pace.

2. Control Your Music Playback
The bike will allow you to connect your smartphone to it via Bluetooth using KTM’s My Ride app, which will allow you to scroll through your music playlist. You’ll also be able to control the playback using the controls on the left side of the handlebar. Using a motorcycle-specific Bluetooth communicator in conjunction with the bike’s playback controls makes for a perfect companion for longer rides.

3. Answer And Reject Calls
My Ride will also show you who’s calling so you can decide whether you should stop and take the call or just reject it. Again, if you’re wearing a Bluetooth communication system, it becomes that much easier to continue riding while talking on the phone. It’s a significant feature that’ll take the inconvenience out of the riding equation.

4. ABS Modes
There are three modes on offer for ABS: Off, Road and Super Moto. In Super Moto mode the ABS will be disabled for the rear wheel but remain active on the front. It allows the rider to slide the rear wheel so that you can steer with your rear brake.
This is not part of the standard feature list at the moment, but the hardware is already there to enable it. Multiple ABS modes are said to be programmed into the bike’s software for European markets, though, and KTM could unlock the feature for India at a later stage for an extra price.

5. Change Riding Modes
The 390’s TFT Display on the launch bike had two modes: Road and Super Moto. Super Moto will complement the ABS mode that goes by the same name. It will allow you spin the rear wheel faster than the front without the electronics cutting in so you can slide the rear using the engine’s power. The inclusion of ride-by-wire has allowed KTM to include this feature in the new 390 Duke. However, just like the ABS modes, these ride modes are not on offer at the moment for India. They could be on offer at a later stage as optional extras, possibly as part of the KTM PowerParts bouquet.

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