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Hypothyroidism can lead to miscarriage, bleeding
Posted 27 Feb 2017 05:23 PM


New Delhi: A new study says that hypothyroidism can strike pregnant women early and can also lead to miscarriage and bleeding.

It can lead to other complications as well such as low birth weight, respiratory distress syndrome and partum bleeding.

As per a report published in Deccan chronicle, the study, which was conducted in a tertiary healthcare centre in Hyderabad, had enrolled 900 pregnant mothers and tests revealed that in 3 per cent of the women thyroid testing was not done in the first trimester.

The report further says that, in the first trimester, foetus is dependent on maternal supply of thyroid hormone and untreated hypothyroidism can increase the risk of neuropsychological disorders.

Children born to untreated hypothyroid women had a low IQ than those born to normal women or women who were on thyroxine supplements.

Hypothyroidism can be controlled by taking thyroid supplements which are recommended according to the T3, T4 and thyroid stimulating hormone levels in the body.

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