Cure Heart Disease By Yoga Pranayama -
Cure Heart Disease By Yoga Pranayama
Posted 01 Mar 2017 02:58 PM


Heart disease known as cardiovascular disease. Now a day’s heart disease is most common. we can notice in older people as well as young generation. The research found that the rate of heart problem increased day by day due to stressful life and due to some other reasons. Before some years heart problem was limited mostly till older people but we can see now in young generation also and it is a serious thing.
The heart plays important role in our body which pumps the blood throughout the blood vessels continuously. The most common heart disease is blockages (narrowing) in the arteries, blood vessels of heart which is known as coronary artery disease. For healthy heart there should not be any disturbance in the blood vessels or arteries.

There are different type of heart problem
1 Coronary Artery Disease
2 Enlarged heart (Cardiomegaly)
3 Heart attack
4 Irregular heart rhythm.
5 Heart valve disease.
And many.

The risk factor of heart problems as follows
1 High blood pressure
2 High blood Cholesterol
3 Diabetes
4 Obesity and Overweight
5 Smoking
6 Genes (Heredity )
7 Hypertension
8 Physically inactive
9 Age
10 Stress
11 Alcoho
Symptoms of heart problems
1 Chest pain or angina.
2 Feeling heaviness, pressure and burning in chest.
3 Sweating.
4 Fast and irregular heartbeats.
5 Feeling shortness in breath.
6 Feeling fullness, indigestion.
7 Faint
How to Cure heart disease by yoga
There are different types of heart disease and different types of symptoms but only one solution on heart disease is Pranayama. Yes it is true and there are so many people are experiencing benefits of pranayama and yogasana.

Seven pranayama for heart patients.
1 Bhastrika Pranayama
2 Kapalbhati Pranayama
3 Bahya pranayama
4 Anulom Vilom Pranayama and Nadi Shodhan
5 Bhramari Pranayama
6 Udggeth Pranayama
7 Pranav Pranayama

Yoga poses for heart patients.
1 Uttanapadasana
2 Pavanamuktasana
3 Shavasana

Pranayama is the breathing technique which
1 Remove the negative energy, toxins from our body and gives positive energy.
2 Pranayama improves the blood circulation, which is very important for the heart to pump properly.
3 Pranayama calms the mind
4 Cures anxiety and depression.
5 Pranayama releases stress and depression.
6 Remove artery blockages.

One short story of a person suffering from 2 blockages in his arteries, wanted to share with you.
Doctor advised him for the ” Angioplasty” as soon as possible to save his life. But the “Angioplasty” is so expensive that poor man can’t afford it. Then he heard about the benefits of pranayama and started to practice daily for 10 days. After that he went to the doctor for check up again. Doctor did not find any blockage in his arteries. Doctors were surprised to see this because the previous reports were showing 2 blockages and now there is nothing. Doctor asks him what he has done for 10 days. The man replied “only pranayama (breathing exercises)“. So now a days doctor also recommending pranayama for heart disease.

1 It is important to consult your doctor if there is any serious issue with your heart. Because in some case surgery, medicine and pranayama are important.
2 Heart problem patient should practice slowly with precaution. Should not breathe fast.
3 Practice under expert guidance
4 Should not over do.

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