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Different Types Of Handbags Every Fashionista Girl Should Own
Posted 04 Mar 2017 03:30 PM


Owning different types of handbags for different occasions is no less than an obsession for any fashion freak women. A variety of purses and handbags are a must have.

Fashionable, beautiful, strong, career-oriented, homemaker, bold, go-getter is how I would define women. She carries a personality, she is in style & she is a trend-setter. While she is beautiful inside, she carries herself well with her outfit and accessories. That’s what makes her a personality in social & corporate circles. An extremely popular fashion accessory that will NEVER lose its charm is handbags. Handbags for women are one of the key factors of a woman’s attire.

There are so many types of handbags that fashionistas even have a separate closet for their bag types. Never underestimate the charisma of a handbag for your overall look.

Let’s see what the different types of handbags for women:

1. Tote bag
2. Clutch
3. Shoulder bag
4. Wristlet
5. Hobo bag
6. Muff bag
7. Satchels
8. Cosmetic bag
9. Beach bag
10. Baguette bag
11. Minaudiere bag
12. Bucket bag

Tote Bags are very popular with teens and women who are always on the go. The term tote or tate means “to carry”.
With wide side straps, this bag has a top zipper that makes it look very trendy and stylish, yet being practical for everyday use.
The wide top opening makes it easy to store and access belongings. The space utilization for tote bags is excellent.
Tote is a versatile bag and can be a great option for travel, everyday use or for office.

A clutch is a small size bag that can be gripped in the palm and held with ease. More than a bag, it considered to a type of purse. It is a very popular fashion accessory for women and is very apt for a evening attire.
It derives its name from that fact that you can ‘clutch’ it in your hands.
It can also be categorized as a money wallet of purse.

Shoulder bags are one of the popular types of handbags for women. They may have a single or double strap that would be just be long enough to be carried over the shoulder, hence the name.
It comes in different sizes, material and designs to make it a perfect pick for each attire.
Shoulder bags are usually compartmentalized and with its compact size, it is important to stay organized with a shoulder bag.

Amognst the different types of purses, a wristlet is considered to be a trendy one. It is almost like a clutch but for the fact that it has a small strap at one of its ends that can be attached to the person’s wrist.
It gives more freedom to move around with the purse hung to the wrist. With the small size, they are just enough to carry money, credit cards, ID and a few makeup products.
Wrislets are especially handy when you are going out but do not want to carry the big shoulder bag.

Hobo bags are identified by their peculiar crescent shape bottom. Designed to wear over the shoulders, this purse style tends to crunch downwards. To give it that slump look, hobo bags are made of soft, flexible materials. They can be made of colorful fabric, faux or pure leather.
Hobo bags are roomy with zip top and they very stylish pick.

Muff bag is a type of purse that is mostly carried in cold places. They are made of wool, fur or velvet, these bags have zippered compartments with side openings to slide hands in and keep them warm during cold weather.
Muff bags are purse types, hence, only essentials can be comfortably fitted in these accessories. These types of purses are made of leather or fabric on the outside, with warm liners for tucking in hands.

Satchels are organized bags with compartments, also referred as messenger bags.
They are elegant & spacious and can be carried over the shoulder or across the body. Satchels are handbags for women who need a larger bag for daily use.
These bags are made to keep the shape intact.

Cosmetic Bags are woman’s best friend. Usually small in size, these bags can be carried inside any of the shoulder bags or beach bags.
They basically hold cosmetics and are designed so that they do not spill the cosmetics and damage them.
They have multiple small comparments of different sizes to place cosmetics of various sizes.

Colorful bags made of peculiar material like straw, jute, bamboo or cloth that syncs with the colorful beach environment. These are over-sized to carry beach wear and hold basic bling for beach.
Although referred as beach bags, you can carry them for a picnic or with a casual jean.

Baguette bag is categorized by its peculiar side. It runs long side to side. The dimensions of the bag from top to bottom is really narrow.
It usually has a shoulder strap or a handle to carry it with hand. The front flaps makes the baguette bags more appealing.

Among the various types of purses, a minaudière is considered as a fashion accessory, which is more of a jewelry piece. A minaudiere substitutes an evening bag.
It is styled like a clutch with small compartments to carry the basic ladies items like compact makeup kit, watch, keys, reading glasses. cards, ID and some cash. Ensembled with stones, a minaudiere has a very royal touch to it. These are essential part of women’s wardrobe.

Bucket bags are shoulder bags that are designed in the shape of a bucket. They are open on the top. The top is eitherto be claosed by drawstrings or a big button.
The bucket bags usually do not have comparments. It may have a zipper for coins of cash on the side.
So whatever be your favorite pick, you can never have enough handbags. Go out there and checkout the different types of handbags and pick some really trendy handbag to suit your fashion style. Which is your favorite type of handbag ?

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