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Tata Motors disclose Tamo Racemo, India’s first connected sports car at Geneva Motor Show
Posted 07 Mar 2017 02:48 PM


It’s day one of the pre-launches happening at the Geneva International Motor Show and the Tata Motors who has been an exhibitor since 1998 had something special indeed to show off today apart from two new car models. Tata Motors as part of its sub-brand Tamo, announced India’s first ever mid-engined sports car called the Racemo.

In what is a giant step for any local automaker, Tata Motors today showcased its manufacturing prowess by announcing its first sportscar in the form of the futuristic-looking Racemo.
Tamo calls the Racemo a step into the future. It’s a two-seater, fully connected sports coupe that has been developed using Tata’s innovative MOFlex platform. The Racemo is a truly connected car that has been developed in partnership with Microsoft India.
The Racemo is built on a patented MOFLex Multi-Material Sandwich (MMS) structure, which is a first for the automotive industry. The structural technology enables greater freedom with surface design and works efficiently with large part integration, that lets Tata bring its products to the market a lot faster than before.

Coming to the specifications of the Tamo Racemo, it packs in a powerplant that delivers 190PS @ 6,500RPM and 210NM @2,500RPM. Tata Motors claims that its new sports coupe is capable of accelerating from 0-100kmph in under 6 seconds.
Talking about being a product that is targeted at the connected youth, the Tamo’s new connected car is also available on Forza Horizon 3 for gamers to try out before the actual car arrives in dealerships. Tata Motors will roll out its Racemo into dealerships in India starting from December.

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