Noor trailer: ‘Joker journalist’ Sonakshi Sinha paints a promising picture -
Noor trailer: ‘Joker journalist’ Sonakshi Sinha paints a promising picture
Posted 07 Mar 2017 05:55 PM

Noor Trailer is out .
A journalist’s life is probably everything you can imagine – excitement, apprehension and boredom. Yes. You got that right. Sonakshi Sinha, who plays a journalist in her new film Noor, is no different. The trailer of the film, which released on Tuesday, documents a reporter’s story in the best possible way.

Noor, a self-deprecator, considers herself to be more of a ‘joker’ than a journalist. She hates her life because she is fat and tries to make it better by sweating it out in the gym. Her life isn’t as interesting as it seems and a strict editor ensures that it doesn’t get any better. Noor’s reaction, when she is asked to interview Sunny Leone, on her birthday is something which will make you go ROFL. Halfway through, Noor decides to transform her life as she dances like nobody’s business to a rendition of Gulaabi Aankhein on the dance floor while an ecstatic Purab Kohli stands mesmerized by her.

But this is Bollywood. And things can’t be happy for too long. The film takes a drastic turn after Noor is reprimanded by her editor as she appears to break a story which she ethically shouldn’t. As obstacles follow, Noor strives to achieve all that she must in the ruthless city of Mumbai

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