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‘Marnoprant’, ‘Chitta Singh’ staged in Frolic Theatre Festival
Posted 08 Mar 2017 03:29 PM


Today “Marnoprant” and “Chitta Singh” marked the second day of ongoing Frolic Theatre Festival, organized by Samooh Theatre at K L Saigal Hall, Abhinav Theatre Complex.
The first play of the second day was Nav Durga Kala Manch’s Hindi play ‘Marnoprant’ written by Surendra Verma under the direction of Dilshad Shazi at K L Saigal hall, Jammu.
Today’s performance was a shining example of perfection in all the creative departments of presentation as two actors alongwith technical team kept the audience spellbound. A strong comment on the man-woman relations, the play “Marnoprant” revolves around a triangular love story. The playwright unfolds the whole episode after the death of a young lady whose husband and the lover meet for the first time. Their encounter reveals the minute intricacies of man-woman relations and frustrations of extra marital affairs. Both embarrass each other by revealing the intimate moments they shared with the young lady. The dramatic action becomes even more interesting when it is shown that the husband comes to know about the relation after the death of his wife. He was not aware of the fact that she had almost abandoned him for her new lover. Ironically there is no occasion for the frustrated husband to even enquire the reasons from his unfaithful wife. The playwright has exposed inner conflicts through a highly experimental and intellectual thematic design. The ‘Lover’ was played by Varun Sharma. His hold over the character, throw of words and the magical power of transporting his audience along to his emotional journey was highly commendable. Dilshad Shazi who played as ‘Husband’ equally reciprocated to his co-actor. His versatility was visible all through his performance. Both the actors gave engrossing performances.
The second performance of the day was “Chitta Singh” written and directed by Ravinder Sharma under the banner of Samooh Theatre.
“Chitta Singh”, is inspired from Fritz Karnethe’s comedy play “The Refund”.
The play is full of humour which deals with an extraordinarily ludicrous situation. The main character in the play is Chitta Singh. He is forty years old. He could not get any employment and wherever he went he was told that he is fit for nothing and nothing worth while he has learnt when he was studying.
Sham Lal Choudhary (Minister of Irrigation) was the chief guest who also felicitated Rafeeq Massodi, Ex Secretary JKAACL. Director DD Kashmir was the special guest on the occasion.
The actor who performed in this play were Ravinder Sharma as Chitta Singh, Devanshu Raina as Principal, Rohan Sharma as Receptionist, Aditya Pandita as Physics Teacher, Samdhish as Geography Teacher, Sandeep Manhas as Maths Teacher, Shubam Singh Nag as History Teacher, Heemani Verma as Chitti Singhni. Hempreet Kour, Neha Langeh and Aashima Dutta helped in Back Stage work of the play.
Dr Sudhir Mahajan welcomed the guests.

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