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Vyrus 986 M2 Ready For Order
Posted 21 Mar 2017 11:49 AM


The limited edition Vyrus 986 M2 motorcycle is now ready for order. What sets apart the Vyrus 986 M2 is the hub-centered steering and a design that strongly resembles the legendary Bimota Tesi. The Vyrus 986 M2 uses a Honda CBR600R in-line four engine as the powerplant which is good for 125 bhp and is expected to be offered in two different variations - a hand-built factory option which is tailored to the customer and a fully customised kit for detailed personalisation.

With a dry weight of 145 kg, the Vyrus 986 M2 gets carbon fibre bodywork; in fact, all body components are fabricated from carbon fibre, including the fuel tank, which is integrated into the fairing. The result is less weight and lower coefficient of drag. The bike underwent intense research to get the aerodynamics right - the bike was studied extensively in complex fluid dynamics simulation software and the study was done several hours in the wind tunnel to optimize its forms.

The unique hub-centered steering is "anti-dive" that is, it doesn't dive under braking and distributes weight on both wheels, said to provide "security and safety." The mechanical separation of steering from suspension makes it a bike that can be pushed to its limits around corners.

As in all special edition bikes, the Vyrus 986 M2 will be made to order, keeping in mind customers' unique requests. In the kit comes with the frame, wheels, suspension and unpainted bodywork to which owners can add the engine, brakes, exhaust system and other bit. Of course, these bikes may not be road legal, but will be perfect race customs for a day at the track. The Italian manufacturer has been around since 2001, first in a tie-up with Bimota (and so the resemblance) which was in the process of designing Massimo Tamburini's Tesi. After the split with Bimota, Vyrus continued developing the basic design. And the result is the 986 M2.

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