Natrang stages ‘Budhi Kaki’ -
Natrang stages ‘Budhi Kaki’
Posted 28 Mar 2017 12:21 PM


On the second day of ‘Natrang Theatre Festival-2017’ in connection with the celebrations of World Theatre Day, Natrang presented a highly engrossing, emotionally charged performance of ‘Budhi Kaki’ written by Munshi Premchand and directed by Neeraj Kant at its Studio Theatre.
Natrang is celebrating the ‘World Theatre Day 2017’ in a big way featuring six plays to commemorate this International Day of Theatre. Natrang pioneered this tradition of the celebrations of World Theatre Day in the year 1985 in Jammu and organizes this day every year with much of the enthusiasm to celebrate the most significant role of theatre in bringing communities together and shaping the societies. The plays being featured in this festival include ‘Prem Visheshagya’, ‘Budhi Kaki’, ‘Chandi Ka Vark’, ‘Baasi Bhaat Main Khuda Ka Sajha’, ‘Kabab Main Haddi’ and ‘Apna Apna Dard’.
The story of today’s play ‘Budhi Kaki’ revolves around an old woman, popularly known as “kaki”, who just have one desire left and that is of good food. She is always engaged in only one kind of work, and that is craving for even a little thing. And her craving is too loud to even wake up a sleeping giant. Her attitude towards family members and vice-versa adds humour and makes the play humorous in many ways. But in the end, play takes a twist, which forces the family members to sympathize with Kaki. This play also gives a strong social message that would make everyone think about their loving parents.
Dewankshi Sabikhi as ‘Kaki’ gave an impressive performance. Vrinda Sharma also received appreciation of the audience as daughter-in law. Others who performed in the play included Brjesh Avtar Sharma, Akshit Kaul, Ananya Verma, Aman Kapoor, Bhisham Gupta and Kuldeep Angral. Lights were operated by Neeraj Kant whereas the music was rendered by Mihir Gujral. The Sets were designed by Shivam Singh. The hall management was looked after by Mohd Yaseen and Mahikshit Singh. The show was coordinated by Sumeet Sharma.
On 28th of March, 2017 Sarweshwar Dayal Saxena’s Hindi Play ‘Chandi Ka Vark’ would be staged under the direction of Neeraj Kant at 6 pm at Natrang Studio Theatre, Kachi Chawni.

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