Royal Enfield 'One Ride' Scheduled on April 2, 2017 -
Royal Enfield 'One Ride' Scheduled on April 2, 2017
Posted 30 Mar 2017 11:30 AM


Royal Enfield would be organizing One Ride - the company's global marquee ride - in 14 countries across 23 cities on Sunday, April 2nd, 2017. This ride is one of the largest motorcycle community rides in the world. The camaraderie of thousands of Royal Enfield customers and enthusiasts will come out alive on the roads as they gear up to participate for One Ride along with their friends. While the marquee rides that are being organised by Royal Enfield are happening in 23 cities, there are more than 50 rides being organised in India by various Royal Enfield motorcycling communities and dealers.

Speaking on One Ride, Mr. Rudratej Singh, President – Royal Enfield said “The scale of One Ride this year exemplifies the upsurge in the passion for our kind of simple, real and unhurried motorcycling across the world. One Ride is our community’s rallying cry to nudge people to ride more, ride pure. Royal Enfield will continue on its mission, of keeping riding pure with initiatives like One Ride.“ Royal Enfield’s One Ride will see the motorcyclists chasing the sun – as in the first leg of the ride witness’s motorcyclists from Melbourne, Australia kick-starting One Ride 2017, with more cities joining in moving west as per the time zones. This year, all participants from across geographies will be encouraged to sport their regional colours and ride in their local attire.

“Our biggest strength is also our greatest privilege, that is our ever growing community of riders, fans and enthusiasts. In my estimate we are the largest and fastest growing community in the world. A great unifier, our enthusiasts, patrons of Royal Enfield, of all ages and countries, regions come together each year on this day for a ride that is inclusive and fiercely unique.” he added. Amongst the key cities internationally, One Ride is being organised with Melbourne, Jakarta, Bangkok, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milwaukee, and Bogota in Colombia. The major cities in India that will witness Royal Enfield One Ride are New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.

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