Parihaspora Pattan Monastery - Baramulla -
Parihaspora Pattan Monastery - Baramulla
Posted 30 Nov 2016 05:53 PM

ParihasporaPattan Monastery is an ancient Buddhist monastery in Jammu & Kashmir, which is a mirror of the prevalent Buddhist traditions in the region. Situated at about 26 kms from Srinagar, the town of Parihaspora is visited by lots of tourists coming to Baramulla region. During the reign of LalityadityaMuktapid, who was the king of Kashmir, probably in 8th century, this region was once a Buddhist stronghold. Excavations from 1914 onwards have found lots of important statues and idols found in the towns of ParihasporaPattan and Pattan Bazar, belonging to 8th Century, including the Buddhist Monastery, stupa, temples belonging to deity Vishnu and some other shrines.
Description: ParihasporaPattan Monastery, 26kms from Srinagar, is an ancient Buddhist monastery in Jammu & Kashmir. Excavations have found lots of important statues and idols belonging to 8th Century.

LalityadityaMuktapid, the king of Kashmir, supposedly built the ParihasporaPattan Monastery and also it was during his rule, that Buddhism spread in the area of Kashmir. It is also said that, during this time Kanishka spread Buddhism in other parts of India.ParihasporaPattan Monastery was discovered in the early 20th century, in the Gawadran region of Parihaspora. Raja Vihara of Lalitadity, were the earlier names of this monastery and other shrines in the region.
Description: The ParihasporaPattan Monastery was built by the King of Kashmir, LalityadityaMuktapid. It was discovered in the early 20th century in the Gawadranregion of Parihaspora.

ParihasporaPattan Monastery has a rectangular structure with an assembly hall inside, which is clear from the excavations. Also other buildings in the region were rectangular in shape, whereas a Stupa was also found in this region, which describes the importance of Buddhism in the architecture of the region of Parihaspora.
Description: ParihasporaPattan Monastery has a rectangular structure, like the other buildings in the region. A Stupa highlighting the importance of Buddhism was also found in the region of Parihaspora.

Reaching There
Parihaspora is easily visited by tourists on private cars and buses, as it is just 26 km from the town of Srinagar. Srinagar has a good connectivity with other northern states, via road & air, having flights from major airports of the country. Thus, the ParihasporaPattan monastery in this region is being visited by many tourists, due to the easy access. Also, the excavations have become quite popular over here.

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