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CT scan machine gathers dust at Kathua hospital
Posted 04 Apr 2017 11:55 AM


A CT scan machine installed at District Hospital, Kathua, has been gathering dust for the last over two years, while patients are forced to get the test done from private clinics.

The machine is worth over Rs 1 crore, but is of no use to patients. It was installed by a Chandigarh-based company two years go. “I came to the hospital with my son last month. After his medical checkup in the OPD, doctors told us to go to a private hospital located nearby for a CT scan,” said Amrish Sharma, a local, adding that private laboratories charged three to four times more than government hospital.

Sources said a Chandigarh-based company had installed the CT scan machine at the hospital and they had been demanding Rs 1 lakh per month from the hospital administration for the maintenance of the machine. The administration could not even manage to collect revenue for its maintenance from the charges collected from patients, an official said.

Meanwhile, Chief Medical Officer Dr RK Sangra said he had already talked to the company representatives and soon a maintenance agreement on yearly basis might be done with them. “Moreover, now a radiologist has also been transferred to the Kathua district hospital, so we are hoping of early restoration of the CT scan facility,” he said.

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