One who executed the "Catch and Kill" policy, can't be a well-wisher of Kashmiris : Nayeem Akhter said for Farooq -
One who executed the "Catch and Kill" policy, can't be a well-wisher of Kashmiris : Nayeem Akhter said for Farooq
Posted 08 Apr 2017 01:17 PM


Castigating main opposition National Conference (NC) president Dr Farooq Abdullah for allegedly mocking the miseries of people, Minister for Roads and Buildings and senior PDP leader Nayeem Akhter said the one who coined and executed the "Catch and Kill" policy, can't be a well-wisher of Kashmiris.

Terming Mr Abdullah as the 'pivot' for normalising violence and other extra legal means in the institutions of democracy, Mr Akhter said he not only unleashed the shackles of oppression and misery on Kashmir, but also vitiated the polity of this sub-continent through his war mongering and advocacy of "Bullet Diplomacy". "Farooq Abdullah stands exposed before the people of Kashmir and this nation. Just to seek a two-year term in Delhi, he is pushing the youth of this state into violence against the country, in the hope that it will help him get a berth in Parliament of the same country," he alleged.

Spotlighting the issues that have engulfed the state of late, Mr Akhter said that instead of his partisan politics, Farooq Sahab should have played a constructive role, but even at this stage of his life, he is playing politics that can only be termed as disastrous and divisive. "They have a history of double play. Historically on one hand, they would ask commoners if the state to associate with Pakistan & seek plebiscite, on the other side, they would buy business class tickets to Delhi for the sake of power," Mr Akhter said. Ridiculing the constant betrayal of trust of Kashmiris by the National Conference, he said they have been in the driver's seat of state politics for 90 years and together with Congress in power for almost 60 years, but can hardly list a thing that can be listed as an achievement on the political front.

NC's tenure and times have been categorized as those of exploitation and subversion, Mr Akhter said, adding "NC had allied with all major political parties in this country, even when they did not need to, just for the sake of securing the interests of the family," Pointing out that the source of misfortunes and miseries that have haunted this state have been his creation, Mr Akhter said that Ikhwan, Special Operations Group (SOG) and the policy of catch and kill all were the brainchild of Farooq Abdullah. "When the then Union government announced Ramzan ceasefire, Farooq Abdullah's DGP said it doesn't apply to J&K police and that they would continue with their kinetic operations against militants,"

Lamenting over the fact that National Conference has and continues to treat the people of Kashmir as gullible canon fodder for their own vested interests, he said that there are no takers for their baits now. "Farooq Abdullah had once famously said that all the jails are full now and that he has instructed his officials to act accordingly, referring to his catch and kill policy,'' Mr Akhter alleged.

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