Prof. Virender Gupta blamed Opposition leaders for indulging in destructive politics for political mileage -
Prof. Virender Gupta blamed Opposition leaders for indulging in destructive politics for political mileage
Posted 11 Apr 2017 11:49 AM


State BJP Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta has expressed his anguish and distress over the happenings during polling for Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency yesterday. While condemning the act of violence and disruption that was engineered by the Pakistan sponsored separatists, anti-national and disruptive forces who are against flourishing of democratic process in the Valley, Prof. Virender Gupta blamed Farooq Abdullah and his party for instigating Kashmiri youth and making them to pelt stones, attack polling booths and in turn get killed. He said that on the one hand NC has been instigating the youth for its political gains and on the other hand its President Dr Abdullah calls for political solution of the Kashmir problem. It is unfortunate that the person, who has remained Chief Minister of the State and the Union Minister, was indulging in destructive politics for the sake of political mileage. Prof Virender criticized Farooq Abdullah for provoking the people against the state and central government and inspiring them to indulge in violence and to revolt so that he can get through safely in the Parliamentary elections. It is irony that leaders of the main opposition party, Congress that governed the country and state for a long period stood behind Farooq Abdullah and campaigned in his favor, BJP Spokesperson said and added that it was astonishing that the person who is responsible for the situation, blames the government and Election Commission of India for their failure in creating conducive atmosphere for polling and for handling the situation.

Prof Virender questioned as to who was responsible for the loss of lives and the injuries that people including the security persons got in the large scale violence that inspired on the election day or during the period of upsurge of violence? Shouldn’t the separatists and the political leaders like Farooq Abdullah own the responsibility who is trying to rebuild their political career on the sufferings and agonies of the people? Prof. Virender reminded Farooq Abdullah about the situation prevailing in 1996 and the percentage of votes polled when he regained power in the state. He also reminded him of the percentage of votes polled in 2008 elections too when NC again regained power of the state.

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