Beat The Summer With These Refreshing Artworks -
Beat The Summer With These Refreshing Artworks
Posted 18 Apr 2017 03:43 PM


If you thought that visiting an art camp in summer to indulge into some summer art was the only way out to beat the heat then it's time for a rethink. We have curated five special artworks to help you take the proverbial chill pill with some refreshing art.

1. Greesham Ritu by Vijay Kiyawat
This painting portrays Greeshm Ritu - the summer season. The painting fantasizes sky of summer fruits such as watermelon, musk melon and mango raining their juice and pulp on the longing ground in earthen pots and in the thristy mouth of a child. Some 1500 years ago, the great ancient poet Kaalidaas wrote a lyrical poem named Ritu-Sanhaar in Sanskrit language. Ritu-Sanhaar means description of seasons. Highly recommended for the soaring mercury days ahead.

2. Sun Flower in Summer by Animesh Roy
Summer brings with it blooming of the bright sunflower. Animesh Roy is the master time traveller as he makes his audience travel along with him through his art. Best way to brighten up your walls this summer in this classical impressionist style.

3. Invincible Summer Series – 4 by Shivangi Pandey
Inspired by nature this textured acrylic on canvas from Shivangi Pandey's series of abstract flowers is a celebration of the season. The intense colour palette and impressionist- like strokes speak up for the artist’s creativity and her love for textures.

4. A summer dress by Aditya Shirke
Aditya Shirke, reminisces his days in the United Kingdom, through a lady in a summer dress.The lady in the blue dress would definitely connect you to high summer fashion. The soft hues in the painting make it a cool visual treat in the hot Indian summer.

5. Sambharv by Sumit Mendiratta
This powerful artwork shows the shiny summer sun in its full energy. A creative illustration of a tree blossoming with red flowers against the backdrop of the glorious sunshine is just what the season is all about.

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