Posted 25 Jan 2020 03:58 PM


It isn't the looting of wealth that bothers me so much as the sheer fact that the Congress merely replaced the Brits in some ways - they just became masters of the same, broken, weak people, who were simply willing to suck up to authority. Nobody gave India confidence! This is the part that bothers me so much, especially with MK Gandhi's style of 'winning' us freedom by giving the enemy higher moral ground.

So, India has grown up as an apologetic impotent nation, where our children are taught to revere impractical, passive, cowardly notions like non-violence when everything in nature tells us to fight to survive. Of course, I know the philosophy of not fighting because of being strong. But this comes from mastery, not shamelessly bowing to masters!

So, we saw a change of guard. The Brits went, and new masters came in the form of the Congress Party. Hierarchies remained, the class system remained, and subservience remained. Where the heck did all the dynamism go?

Then we were thrown into a socialist mindset, people waiting for alms from government wealth redistribution programs instead of being empowered. We got protectionist policies, that prevented prosperity and competition, throwing us away from a path of a meritocracy. Hindustan Motors was started around the same time as Toyota, and Tata Steel started around the same time as Nippon Steel. Nippon Steel produces around five times as much as Tata Steel without native resources of ore. No need to talk about Hindustan Motors and Toyota. Japan coming out of twin nuclear strikes was devastated way more than India under the Brits. Do we need to compare how different the growth paths of these two nations have been?

Only when thousands died did we start the Green Revolution. Only when China attacked us did we realize we need to become militarily stronger. Only with our backs against the wall, did India liberalize its economy. Under the Congress, every move we have made towards any kind of development has come under inevitable circumstances, with our backs against the wall.

India was never allowed to be truly independent, strong, and proud of its people's full potential. No wonder so many of us left in droves and thrived in various countries elsewhere. This is the loot I would feel most wronged by - denying India its best talents and minds because we didn't create the conditions for dignified development.

Incredibly, the immense sacrifices of our fighting heroes were also swept aside under this avalanche of worship for Gandhiji. Why? So that the Brits would feel good? The Congress party was reported to British Intelligence for 5 years after we became an independent country, about Subhash Bose's family's movements. During a criminal probe of the Bofors scandal, the Congress External Affairs minister delivered a letter to a foreign body to deny evidence and cooperation to an Indian investigating agency. Years later, a whole bunch of Congress members and their cronies used the letterhead of the Indian Parliament to petition the USA to not issue a visa to Narendra Modi, the man who would become Prime Minister. It is these bunch of ass lickers that I want to hang or burn over a slow fire.

Congress has a clear obsession with white people and a need to constantly please them. When Hillary Clinton asked India to wean itself off Iranian oil, the Congress government promptly obliged, even though Iran and India have been close friends for a long time. No surprise then that pasta aunty from Italy is their supremo. Think she would have got the same respect if she had been a Nigerian black woman? I don't think so. That's how deeply ingrained the slave mentality is in the ranks of the Congress.

It is the loot of India's pride, dignity, dynamism and die-hard spirit that bothers me much much more than the loot of wealth. This country produced enough wealth to support the British Empire for 200 years. It can easily produce much more to ensure prosperity, health and well being for its own people. This is an abundant, powerful country, that has been prevented from being a developed, forward-thinking, awesome nation that could by now have been an example for the world.

If India has been a weak, apologetic nation for so long, it's precisely because of the Congress. Why do we have to put up with these weasels and the fools who are aligning with them? I could even tolerate a ruthless, despotic, dictatorial mindset. It is this slimy, backstabbing, self-serving Lutyens mindset that really irks me. I would give anything to destroy this smugness, decimate it, and put it firmly behind us.

The economic loot is nothing compared to this, but we will bloody well make them pay for all of it.

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