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AAP leader as a Riot Boss: The Tahir Hussain Controversy
Posted 28 Feb 2020 05:29 PM


In the anti- Hindu riots that occured in North East Delhi recently, AAP councilor Tahir Hussain has emerged as one of the main bosses. Different videos show Tahir Hussain himself managing the stone and petroleum bomb pelting from his structure, with a lathi in his grasp.
Now with a murder case filed against him, he finds himself suspended from his party.

Let’s get to know the chronology of events and understand the whole controversy below:

Tahir Hussain, an Aam Aadmi Party Municipal Councilor from Nehru Vihar, has been blamed for plotting Intelligence Bureau official, Ankit Sharma's demise on account of the mob during the brutality that erupted in Delhi.
The AAP pioneer is an business man and has been chosen from Ward 59 in Nehru Vihar from East Delhi.

1.The body of Ankit Sharma recovered on Wednesday

Ankit had disappeared on Tuesday evening. His body was recovered on Wednesday. His dad Ravinder Sharma, who works with the Delhi police, claimed that his child was caught by agitators and taken to a structure which belongs to AAP corporator Tahir Hussain and was ruthlessly killed.

Relatives of Sharma, whose body was recuperated from the upper east Delhi's Chand Bagh area in Delhi on Wednesday, has claimed that a couple of individuals who were pelting stones from Hussain’s factory.
Sharma’s family have been saying that a large group of Muslims, purportedly Tahir Hussain's goons, had diverted Sharma and had thrashed him.

2. Implicating Videos emerge

A day after murdered IB sleuth Ankit Sharma’s family asserted that their child was dragged and lynched by AAP councilor Tahir Hussain's goons, more recordings and pictures have risen which show cases of stones and oil bombs put away at the housetop of the AAP councilor.

According to reports, councilor Tahir Hussain's home was being utilized by a brutal Islamist mob to pelt stones and hurl petroleum bombs in the area. Observer accounts have uncovered that Ankit Sharma was lynched to death by a Muslim mob. Journalist Rahul Pandita figured out how to get hold of different eyewitnesses who saw the IB official being hauled inside a house by an angry crowd before his dead body was discovered lying in the channel.
As per reports, not just petrol bombs and stones, sacks full of brick pieces, stones, acid packs and even catapults to hurl the stones have been seen on Hussain’s rooftop.

3. Tahir Hussain Denies Allegations

Mr. Hussain, in a video, stated: "This isn't valid. Things are being said about me just to defame me. A mob broke the entry of my office and went to the terrace. I asked for help from the police. They came later and I left the spot alongside my family."

He said that he had asked for police deployment at the building to ensure no one used it for unlawful purposes. " But the policemen, who were already deployed, left and rioters did what I was afraid of. Whatever has happened is wrong he said.

4. Arvind Kejriwal’s statement

Responding to allegations of petrol bomb and stones being found and thrown from the terrace of Mr. Hussain’s house, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that everyone who incited violence should be put behind the bars. “Arrest them and put them in jail. If anyone of them is found to be a an AAP member, then punish that person twice. Stop doing politics over the security of the country,” he said.

5. Murder Case and suspension

Following the expose that associates AAP to the anti- Hindu mobs, the Delhi police filed FIR against Aam Aadmi corporator Tahir Hussain under Section 302(a) Murder, in the Dayalpur police station of Delhi. The FIR was filed on the complaint of the family of deceased IB Officer Ankit Sharma. The crime branch of the Delhi police will probe and take action in the murder case.

On Thursday, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had suspended Councillor Tahir Hussain from the primary membership of the party after he was named in a murder FIR under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code for his involvement in Ankit Sharma’s murder.

6. Support from the muslim community

MLA Amanatullah Khan councillor from Okhla assembly seat of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has come forward to support Tahir Hussain. Amanatullah Khan has called the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) responsible for the violence in Delhi. Amanatullah Khan says that the BJP wants to save its leaders by implicating Tahir Hussain in a false case.

The lyricist Javed Akhtar tweeted in support of Tahir Hussain and created a huge stir online, many were outraged that he would defend Tahir . In the tweet he wrote, "So many killed, so many injured, so many houses burned, so many shops looted so many people turned destitute but police have sealed only one house and looking for his owner. Incidentally, his name is Tahir. Hats off to the consistency of the Delhi police. (sic)" The tweet received a huge public response especially in the sensitivity of the tweet at the time of extreme public outrage.

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