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Drug Menace In Jammu
Posted 11 Jan 2020 05:50 PM


An investigation by the Jammu and Kashmir police has revealed that school-going children in Jammu have become the target of an interstate drug mafia.

Initially, the drug is gifted to these children but when these kids get addicted to these intoxicants, the drug suppliers charge a huge sum from these kids.
The drug dealers, target children from well-to-do families as these kids can spend a huge sum on the contraband.
When the kids from these well-to-do families get addicted to these drugs, these dealers charge something from Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000 for each gram of drug they sell to these kids.

Police came to know about the penetration of the interstate drug racket in the Jammu region after a girl identified as Rashmi (name changed) died due to an overdose of drugs.
Rashmi, a resident of the Channi area was found in an unconscious condition outside her house. She was shifted to hospital where she was declared brought dead.

Another disturbing incident came out in open where a family in the Sanjay Nagar locality of Jammu city revealed that their son, who is a student of Class V, has become a drug addict. The thinner of whiteners is commonly used as an inhaler that in turn blocks blood flow to the brain allowing a short-lived but potent kick.
In another case, a brother-sister duo has started to drop out of college. Their parents acknowledge that children are consumed by addiction but are apprehensive to reach out to a rehabilitation center to protect their identity and avoid being disowned by relatives.

Drug mafia threats also keep families from seeking help. Many families refused to speak on the record. Local residents accepted they are fast losing the next generation in the region to the drug menace.


In the last 18 months, more than 80 percent of drugs seized in Jammu and Kashmir were smuggled in from Pakistan, also for Norco-terrorism, a recent Mail Today report said. Only 20 to 25 percent of drugs being smuggled into J&K came from Punjab, while the rest were being pumped in from across the Line of Control (LoC) and the International Border (IB).
Officials said the Ramban-Banihal National Highway, one of the two road links between Kashmir and mainland India, has turned into a major route for the drug mafia that has connections to Pakistan-based smugglers. This is after the Border Security Force (BSF) and the local police cut off heroin supply lines into Punjab.


There is hope amid dark clouds as cops are organizing awareness programs for young addicts.
A de-addiction center set up by the J&K Police in Jammu City is flooded with patients. Seventeen of the 20 beds remain full at all times, reflecting constant arrivals of addicts willing to recover. ‘Say no to drugs’ posters are pasted on walls and across premises.

"I was a sales marketing official and my whole salary would be spent on buying drugs. I got admitted to this center because I want to regain my reputation and end the shame my parents are forced to face. The death of my 18-year-old cousin due to overdose was a wake-up call," said a 22-year-old resident of Udhampur, recovering at the de-addiction center. Young men were seen working out, playing sports and reading books within the premises.
However, the recovery rate is abysmal as most head back to the same lanes where peddlers thrive.


With full public support and cooperation, Police can work more efficiently towards this menace. The other challenge is the limited facilities available for rehabilitation of drug addicts. More drug de-addiction centers are needed to rehabilitate the victims.
Lack of awareness about both Drug Addiction and the process of detoxification and rehabilitation is also a challenge. Government Agencies, Educational institutes NGO’s and other social work institutes need to educate people especially the young generation about this problem.

The awareness on the part of Parents and caretakers is also an issue to tackle so that they can detect this problem as early as possible and they can provide immediate help to the person. A large amount of the literature suggests that enhancing a victim’s social support and inculcate in him or her some positive behaviors can help him get rid of this menace.
Drug Addicts often feel isolated and a sense of alienation, so providing them a certain kind of social and moral support helps them and makes them more empowered to get over this problem.

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