There is no emergency in a pandemic! -
There is no emergency in a pandemic!
Posted 25 Mar 2020 12:07 PM

anonymous blog writer

This post is for my colleagues who are intensivists, physicians, pediatricians, dentists, surgeons, nurses, paramedics, and other allied health care workers. Who are carrying a significant risk of infecting themselves or their loved ones when they go back to their homes.

Each one of us is a force multiplier at this moment. In spite of our collective expertise and experience, we might face some extraordinary challenges in the coming days. Inspired by the overwhelming faith reposed in us by our countrymen, we are very well ready to move into a critical phase. And before we move as a team, let’s keep ourselves safe first. I'm speaking specifically about PPE and your safety.

If you're a medico, and you become infected, not only are you out of the healthcare system but your replacements could be people without your expertise. Your remaining co-workers with a reduced workforce, are likely to make mistakes under stress and might become ill themselves. And you stop being a force multiplier and yourself start burgeoning the healthcare resources.

So ask for PPE and don it well. You may want to rush in to save a patient. Do not go in without your PPE. You may have a patient screaming at you. Do not go in without your PPE. You may have an infected woman in labor. Screaming. Do not go in without your PPE. Many of you might say, I could never do that. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from rushing in and saving my patient. Please do not let the lessons of the recent past go in wane.

During the Ebola outbreak, people were dying. But at no point they rushed in, they took time to put on their PPE and then did their job. Those who said, PPE be damned, my patients need me. They became infected, they infected others. And they died. They didn't help anyone after that.

There is no emergency in a pandemic!

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