CORONA death sneeze??? -
CORONA death sneeze???
Posted 04 Apr 2020 01:28 PM


A Sneeze of Death??????
`Corona` though not deadliest but highly contagious has put the entire world not only scary but ill , and on hold if we compare this outbreak with SPANISH BLUE outbreak in 1919-1918 this has no standing as of today, however the financial break down and growth of world as whole has been foretasted as full of uncertainty .India as of on today is certainly considered as prudent nation among world with Corona affected nations who with able leadership of our PM have not only put breaks in spread of this deadliest virus but have also contributed good amount of responsibility to its citizens in all respects significantly not even a single death has been reported with hunger from 130 crore populated country KUDOS to present govt and its policies like timely lock down and putting efficient and wise officials in right place to check the spread of this virus.WHO has reported recently that Covid spreads by respiratory droplets, not air significantly states that spread is done either thru sneeze or touch of the surface where this virus is left. Repeatedly we have been informed to keep a social distance of minimum 1 meter as we do not know whether the sneeze is of death??? If you're counting on your government to shield you from the deadly virus, I have a message for you...Don't be silly.They wouldn't know how even if they tried.Leaked private meetings between U.S. health officials tells us.... they are in a panic.Not only do they not know what to do...They're not really sure how many people are infected. There is 1 thing you can do...right save yourself,` STAY AT HOME` do things to protect yourself from the sneeze of death. And I don't mean masks (they can't protect you if a droplet gets in your eyes).Smallpox killed 300 million people and had a lower mortality rate than C-virus.That's the entire population of the United States and this virus is playing out a very similar pattern.Do you realize that once one of your family members gets it you won't be able to take care of them or even see them,because they could spread it to you.Imagine not being able to hold or even touch your sick child. This is how we call it sneeze of death.

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