Sikh for society -
Sikh for society
Posted 23 May 2020 04:28 PM


By: Jyotin Sharma

Invariably observed recently pertaining to kindness, philanthropy and social help during catastrophes in world particular in India by Sikh community. Regardless of inter- racial, caste and creed people seeking help, Sikh community always stands first. In COVID-19 right from day one serving free food, free transportation, free medicine to treating migrants labors who got their feet burnt and injured due to long walks for reaching home destinations. The Sikh community came forward to treat these migrant laborers by not only giving them dressing but also distributed medicines. What to talk for theses great human beings the soldiers from this community go to extent for cremations/burials of COVID-19 victims . The peculiar character of this community is they always search for the help seekers and reach to them in beginning. Government/Social workers and other other organisation always follows them. Right from the day one of Lockdown Sikhs in Delhi are preparing food for lakhs of people. Sikhs don't wait for others rather they came first to help needy ones.

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