Covid pandemic has hit the poor massively: Bhalla -
Covid pandemic has hit the poor massively: Bhalla
Posted 05 Jul 2020 08:49 PM

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Covid pandemic has hit the poor massively: Bhalla

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Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Sunday claimed that Covid-19 pandemic has massively hit the economically weaker sections of the society. "The daily wage earners, the homeless and the migrant labourers are still facing difficulty in procuring even a meal a day. In such times, it�s Govt�s responsibility to come forward to extend help." Bhalla said at times of worries and sickness, reaching out to the supreme power or �God� for relief is natural for many. While the pandemic scare and corona virus panic may make one turn to prayers to overcome the fears, however, the need to lock down the nation for controlling the pandemic has left people unable to visit even places of worship. Not being able to reach out to deities has led many to seek help from almighty.
A delegation of Jagran organizers led by Kamal Wadhera President, Aman Bawa, Darshan Ptaka, Paramjeet Titu, Sanjay Baba, Satish Kumar called on Bhalla apprising him of difficulties being faced by them amid Covid-19 scare. They demanded some sort of package to meet their family affairs as their activities have virtually seized making it difficult for them to manage their family affairs.
Speaking on the occasion, Bhalla said that Jagran implies brotherhood or fraternity established in a particular locality.In Indian philosophy Jagran is a comradeship of seekers of the �highest truth� who listen to, talk about, and embrace truth. They give importance to the Vedic ways of realizing the fundamental truth of life. Very often, preachers describe the Vedic ideas of truth and encourage people to observe the common moral, ethical, and religious values and beliefs that are beneficial to reform and maintain the honor of realizing truth in life.Jagran members make a serious commitment to their personal growth in spiritual awareness and practice helping and removing each other�s barriers, prejudices, and ignorance that come in their spiritual quest. They develop relationships of compassion and appreciation across all living creatures and nature.
Bhalla further said that they honour Truth by conquering the conflict and confusion existing in the world and take refuge in the Truth.They participate actively in the spiritual practices, religious prayers, chanting of sacred hymns, singing of bhajans, kirtan, reciting of the holy writ with or without exposition, listening to lectures or reading quietly or reflecting on or discussing or assimilating the meaning of scriptures, religious or theological topics, or Bhagwat Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata on a regular basis. Being in the company of gurus, saints, religious texts, or pious like-minded people who worship together and hold spiritual discussions helps you to understand the sacred precepts and teachings of spiritual growth and attaining of liberation.
Former Minister maintained that A very high level of importance is assigned to Satsang meet since it is considered essential for the spiritual edification and ethical progress of an individual. Collective worship and prayers in Jagran are considered higher than the isolated individual religious practice as the holy fellowship is all the time morally elevating.In Jagran , the seeker of the Truth learns to make himself useful to others by engaging in acts of Seva, or social services which are so highly prized in Hinduism.It is in Jagran that our true spiritual discipline evolves. This is where virtues are learned. Although Jagrans discuss secular matters affecting self and the communities, its spiritual core makes it stand out in the Hindu society since it is here the Divine Name alone is cherished. Attendance at Satsang brings one near to God which is obtained through the grace of Guru. He who comprehends the Guru�s word realizes this truth.
Bhalla asserted that Joining Jagran helps in conquering the evil propensities of the mind, dispelling ego and getting enlightened in the company of the holy people. It is applauded as a valuable means for our moral and spiritual growth. Jagran is the place where you are able to ask questions or doubts about spirituality, any practices, and principles and get them cleared. Without this cleansing, one will not be able to practice spirituality wholeheartedly. One gets to share one�s spiritual experiences and their significance in realizing absolute Truth. This gives others a motivation to persevere on this path.

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