"Yellow Frogs" seen in Madhya Pradesh startle twitterati but are they related to Covid-19 or Locusts? - watsupptoday.com
"Yellow Frogs" seen in Madhya Pradesh startle twitterati but are they related to Covid-19 or Locusts?
Posted 14 Jul 2020 04:08 PM


Whenever monsoon hits our country, spotting various kinds of frogs is a common phenomenon in several parts of India. But did you ever come across bright yellow frogs? If not, you have Twitter to the rescue, where some users have not only spotted yellow frogs in large numbers but also shared glimpses of them jumping around. Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan, among others, shared a 30-second video of scores of yellow frogs jumping around in a slump. The forest official said that the location of the shot was in Narsinghpur and the frogs were Indian bullfrogs that have changed their colour to yellow in order to attract female mates. His caption said, "Have you ever seen Yellow frogs. Also in this number. They are Indian #bullfrog seen at Narsighpur. They change to yellow during monsoon & for attracting the females. Just look at how they are enjoying rains."
In a series of tweets, Kaswan gave a close-up shot of the frogs. The viral photos led many to speculate that the appearance of the frogs was related to coronavirus outbreak or the locust attacks. But Kaswan clarified that the unusual-looking amphibians were no related to the spread of coronavirus, as some were suggesting. Neither did it have any link to the locust attacks that have recently plagued the northern states of India. Other wildlife enthusiasts also commented in order to spread awareness against the killing of the frogs due to their colour.
While some people were delighted to have come across this phenomenon for the first time, several netizens commented on how they were spotted every monsoon in their hometown. One of the users also asked if these frogs could be poisonous. Kaswan replied that not only these are harmless but instead stand the risk of being eaten by human beings.

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