This Rice Vadi Made Out Of Leftover Rice Is All Things Crispy And Scrummy -
This Rice Vadi Made Out Of Leftover Rice Is All Things Crispy And Scrummy
Posted 06 Aug 2020 02:44 PM


Vadis are of many different kinds, and with a combination of different ingredients, you can make endless variety of vadis in the comfort of your home. This rice vadi is made with goodness of rice, chillies, curry leaves, garlic and mild spices. The quick fried snack can be an ideal company for your shaam ki chai. The crispy snack is a hit among both kids and adults, alike. The key highlight of the snack is the ingenious use of rice. You do not have to toss your leftover rice in the trash now, you can mash it with ingredients like ajwain, green chillies, hing, garlic paste and curry leaves. Mix and mash the ingredients together until you get a firm dough. Now place a mat, pull out small balls out of the dough, place them across the mat and let them dry in the sun. Remove and store it in air-tight container, and whenever the cravings strike- deep fry a bunch and gobble up! You can also use the fried vadis in your gravies.

How to Make Rice Vadis
1.Mash the rice and add the rest of the ingredients and mix well into a thick dough.
2.Place a thin cloth or plastic sheet on a mat in the sun.
3.Drop little balls of the dough (of desired size) on the cloth or plastic.
4.Leave them to dry in the sun, till completely dry (cover them at night or pull them under a shelter, in a verandah or so during the night).
5.Remove and store them in an airtight container.
6.Deep fry and serve hot.

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